Outfit of The Day


Hey guys!

So some of you may have noticed that I didn’t post on Thursday, and I am sorry but I was just too tired. I swear I will get better with my posts (I have said that a million times before but…) I have now started to take new pictures so I can post about new things so today, I want to show you my outfit. Airi took the pictures, and she isn’t super used to my camera so they are a little out of focus but, you get the idea of my outfit. Also, tomorrow I will be leaving for a hiking trip with my class until Friday, so my next post will be scheduled and my instagram will not be updated for these 4 days. Now, let’s get into my outfit;

Shirt- H&M

Pants- Vero Moda (ONLY)

Shoes- My mom’s closet (no idea where she got them)

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Charm Bracelet- Thomas Sabo

Bracelet and Earrings- Edblads





A Little Window Shopping Never Killed Nobody

Shoes//1st        Dress//2nd      Romper//3rd     Tshirt//4th    Longsleeves//5th    Skirt//6th   Romper//7th       Dress//8th

So yesterday night, I got in one of my “lets-go-window-shopping-online” mood, which turned out to be quite entertaining. Anyways, I know that Summer is coming to an end but I just couldn’t help myself from looking at all the cute Summer clothes:-) I thought it could give you all some inspirations so here you go, my small, online wishlist for the moment.




Day to Night Look

Day to Night Look


Boohoo strappy maxi dress
¥2,645 – boohoo.com

LE3NO tailored jacket
¥2,975 – le3no.com

Stuart Weitzman patent leather sandals
¥40,725 – lanecrawford.com

Converse white low top sneaker
¥6,020 – johnlewis.com

Givenchy grey tote bag
¥195,950 – selfridges.com

Clear quartz jewelry
¥6,920 – nordstromrack.com

Statement choker necklace
¥480 – newchic.com
Today, I thought it would be great to show you guys how to make a simple day outfit, into a night outfit. My favorite summer dress is a black maxi dress, therefore, I tried to corporate that with this post. You can style this both up and down which is why it leads to a night outfit.
Starting the day off by covering yourself in a denim jacket, and white converse. I think this is quite the casual look, and suits great for a day in the city. Then towards the night, putting on some of your favorite jewelry-even something as easy as a necklace! In this case, I decided it would be good to wear a statement necklace over a basic dress. This creates the illusion that it is much more fancy than it really is. Changing to high heels emphasizes this, as well. The purse can be both day wear and night wear due to its plain color and classy feel. All in all, I think this is a great day outfit that can be made into a night outfit if you’re on the go.

Nights In Italy (Outfits)

I unfortunately didn’t write a post last Thursday since the internet wasn’t very good, and I didn’t want to post something that I didn’t find myself to be happy with. Therefore, I decided to take a break one day. So as I said in my previous post, the trip to Mallorca got delayed, but that meant extra days in the beautiful city called Florence. Therefore, I decided to show you my nightly outfits the days I was there:-)

Night 1:

I went to an Italian trattoria with my brother and mom.


Shirt- H&M

Skirt- Macy’s

Shoes- H&M

Night 2:

I went to a trattoria after walking around with my mom in Florence.


Shirt- Hampton Republic

Shorts- Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes- Forever 21

Night 3:

4th of July, and I decided to wear a blue skirt and white shirt due to the fact that it’s two of the colors on America’s flag #dedicated. Hahah, my mom and I ate at a Mozzarella bar.


Shirt- Brandy Melville

Skirt- Hollister

Shoes- H&M

Night 4: 

Ate at the hotel, Grand Hotel Minerva, with my brother and mom to test out their delicious resturaunt.


Crop top+Skort- Hollister

Shoes- Forever 21

Night 5:

Started with aperitivo with my mom, my brother, his friend and his mom. Then we continued to the same restaurant as the night before since it was so delicious.


Shirt- Bik Bok

Shorts- Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes- Italian local store


Summer Go-To Outfit (Cooler Days)


Shirt- Pull & Bear

Pants- Zara (Couldn’t find exact, but these are lookalikes)

Shoes- Adidas

Currently travelling so today’s and Thursday’s posts are probably not really entertaining to read but I made the best of it. If I end up going to Mallorca, I will be posting a video of it on youtube later in the Summer, so make sure to subscribe to my channel @grynystr so you will know when it’s up. Also, I will be at camp for three weeks in about 3 weeks, so I am still debating how I will post at that time. So, I’ll let you know later.



Outfits of Barcelona Nights

As I said last post, I was in Barcelona! I also promised y’all an outfit of the night post:-) Here are the outfits for the two nights I ate dinner there.

Outfit #1:IMG_5913IMG_5929IMG_5915

Shirt- River Island

Skirt- Vero Moda

Sandals- Forever 21

Earrings- Bershka

Ring- Tiffany & Co

Bracelet and Necklace- Received as gift from close friends

Outfit #2:


Romper- Forever 21

Heels- H&M

Ring- Tiffany & Co

Necklace and Earrings- Received as gifts from close friends


I know they are only two outfits, but I hope you enjoy this post anyways. I had so much fun in Barcelona! I did film vlogs, but I’ll see after I edit if I will post it since I didn’t take many videos… Haha.. Anyways, hope you’re having a great summer so far.



Prom Outfits

Prom Outfits


Long formal gown
¥16,135 – amazon.com

Sheer back dress
¥7,630 – amazon.com

Sweetheart prom dress
¥4,785 – amazon.com

Chiffon prom dress
¥6,305 – amazon.co.uk

Christian Louboutin open toe shoes
¥140,760 – christianlouboutin.com

Christian Louboutin black strappy sandals
¥121,845 – christianlouboutin.com

Dolce&Gabbana black open toe pumps
¥74,115 – mytheresa.com

Benjamin Adams high heel stiletto
¥43,395 – zappos.com

Charlotte Russe high heel stiletto
¥4,005 – charlotterusse.com

BCBGMAXAZRIA special occasion clutch
¥20,920 – bcbg.com

L K Bennett white patent handbag
¥29,925 – lkbennett.com

Natasha Accessories special occasion clutch
¥3,335 – nordstromrack.com
So, prom is coming up! I am obviously not going since I am in 8th grade, haha. However, I figured why not create some outfits for people who ARE going! I wasn’t completely sure how to style everything because everyone has their own taste. For example, some girls may not want to wear heels, therefore I had one outfit with sandals. Meanwhile, some may like shorter dresses, and some may like clutches. I didn’t really know, but maybe this will give you inspiration if you have yet to find an outfit! I think prom looks very fun, but I don’t know since I have never been.
PS. I am leaving for Italy and Sweden tomorrow, so posts will be European time.

Coachella Lookbook 2K16

IMG_5237Coachella is coming up soon!!! ARGH!!! April 15th is the start of the first weekend. I am unfortunately not going, but I am in love with Coachella. I really want to go, but I am so far away… Anyways, I gathered two more people; Ebba, and Ebba, haha. One is the Ebba that you all know, and the other Ebba is her best friend who is visiting from Sweden. Just have to say, it is 43 degrees fahrenheit here, when we took the pictures so I mean, you have to give us credit for this, haha.

So, the first look will be shown by Ebba. She is wearing her Brandy Melville dress with a floral pattern. Since it’s super hot at Coachella because it is in the desert, then a dress would be very comfortable but still gives a breeze kind of. She then paired this with her white shoes, and flower earrings. She is wearing two flash tattoos, both from Bershka, and if you want to see how much they were, you can check my last post by clicking here. Ebba then wore her black H&M triangle bikini, because as I said, Coachella gets warm, and it may be more comfortable with a bikini. All in all, this outfit looks very nice, and more formal than usual Coachella outfits.

The second look will be shown by the other Ebba. She is wearing a Bershka crop top with a pair of black shorts from Volcom, and a pair of white sneakers. Ebba is the one with the hand to the left (blue rings), and this goes great with her outfit and her Forever21 necklace. She went for a yellow, strapless bikini from H&M as well. Since her outfit is black and white, she paired it with more colorful jewelry like I said above. She also applied two flash tattoos from Bershka, to make it more Coachella themed. All in all, this outfit looks so good, and I love how the flash tattoos just put the whole outfit together.

The last outfit will be shown by me, haha. I paired my floral croptop from H&M, with a pair of high waisted shorts from Forever21 and green Stan Smith Adidas shoe. They go very well together because they give off a very boho look. The crop top is actually from last years Coachella line at H&M (I was obsessed with Coachella last year). I wore a pink and orange bikini from New Yorker (to see haul of that bikini, click here). I paired my outfit with a pair earrings from Bershka, and cateye, black sunglasses from Forever21 because your sunglasses will probably break, so I would only bring cheap ones. I also have two flash tattoos, one by my collar bone and one on my wrist, shown above (picture of second outfit, and I am the hand to the right). The flash tattoos didn’t quite stick out for my outfit but they look good anyways. In conclusion This outfit looks very rocker-chic but still a bit boho, and I am very satisfied with how it turned out in the end.

Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed this post because I was actually very excited to write this lookbook. I just love Coachella, and wish I could go so bad!!! Hope you have a nice day.



Huge Haul♡ Forever 21, Amazon, etc.


Forever 21:

Pink skirt- $12.90

Rings- $7.90

Earrings- $5.90

Hair ties- $1.00



Dress- $16.99



Golden flash tattoos- $9.18

White flash tattoos- $7.02

Earrings/fake nose rings- $9.18



Mindfulness coloring book– $12.25

Stabilo pens– $37.80


Hong Kong:

Bag- About $66 (OBS! Yes, it’s fake Balenciaga)



So as you can probably tell by the pictures above, I went shopping this weekend. Jiwoo and I went to a place here in Japan, and I bought some stuff for an upcoming blog post;-) That is the reason why I am only showing the two things on, because the rest will be for the next blog post. Anyways, I just have to say that I am in LOVE with the dress from H&M. I usually don’t wear a lot of dresses, but I am so in love with this one. I think it makes me feel confident, and so does the skirt. I think they are more for formal occasions because of the material that it’s made of.

Also, the things from Amazon were ordered about one week ago, and I am already becoming obsessed with the coloring book. I colored so much yesterday to help relieve my stress, and just to relax. I still have one thing that’s supposed to arrive but it’s from another store. It is just a wall decal with a cute saying so I can put it on my wall. I am super excited for that to arrive so I can finally organize my room’s walls. I love decorating my room, so it gives me satisfaction to know I have something to decorate it with, haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this quick post, and that you get excited for my Thursday’s post because I have something really fun planned.



Valentine’s Day- Date Night Outfits

Valentine's Day- Date Night Outfits


Chicwish cocktail party dress
¥6,940 – chicwish.com

AX Paris short purple dress
¥3,050 – axparis.com

Bateau neckline dress
¥3,505 – amazon.com

Christian Louboutin pink stiletto
¥98,720 – nordstrom.com

Dolce&Gabbana black high heel shoes
¥92,880 – couture.zappos.com

Alexander McQueen leather man bag
¥221,395 – ssense.com

Alexander Wang long strap shoulder bag
¥78,860 – alexanderwang.com

Michael Kors white leather purse
¥21,180 – fashionette.co.uk

Valentine’s day is coming up! I know a lot of people want to go out with their significant other on this day. However, outfits are always hard because what can you wear to a date night. Here are three outfits that I thought would work.
Outfit #1:
This outfit has the Valentine’s day feel. I really like how the dress is red, but then the clutch and shoes are black. It feels as if they even each other out. I think this outfit would be great to a fancy restaurant, because it gives off an exclusive vibe. All in all, I really think this outfit is Valentine’s day-like.
Outfit #2:
Outfit #2 is a little different than your usual date night outfit. I was inspired by Ariana Grande with the pastel colors and white heels. I think this is a very cute look, and something I would wear to a date. I just can’t get over how cute the dress is, haha. I think it has such a nice color. Overall, super cute and different Valentine’s day outfit!
Outfit #3:
This outfit is a little more basic. You can never go wrong with a simple black dress. To make it a little more fancy, I added some red detailing to the outfit, so that there is a pop of colors. I think this outfit is a little more mature than the others, and I feel like it is a great look for a dinner with your S.O. In conclusion, this outfit may be a little more plain than the others, but it is a great dinner look.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and maybe it inspired some of you guys for what you can wear. I am going to be on a ski trip with my family on Valentine’s day, so I don’t think I will be going on a date, haha. Anyways, hope you enjoyed today’s post.