Ishigaki Island

Now its only a few more days until I am laying at the beach/pool, tanning and maybe reading a good book. I honestly can’t wait! It will be so comforting to know that I can relax and take a break from all my school work because it has been so intense lately. I am going to start packing tomorrow for the trip, and I am so excited to wear all my summer clothes again, AND all the bikinis I have! I also bought some cute jewelry to wear for the trip, so I can style up a beach outfit. I will post more during the week:-)




Bringing Turtlenecks Back

Bringing Turtlenecks Back

Abercrombie Fitch cotton cable knit sweater
¥8,125 –

VIPARO zipper jacket
¥38,990 –

7 For All Mankind denim skinny jeans
¥32,420 –

Timberland low heel booties
¥21,500 –

Longchamp flap purse
¥8,320 –

Marc by marc jacobs bangle
¥6,215 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs enamel jewelry
¥5,735 –

Ray-Ban lens glasses
¥25,610 –

Essie nail polish
¥1,015 –

Just a casual fall outfit that I would wear and I have all these items or similar ones so I know I would wear it. I honestly really love the gray turtleneck although many people find turtlenecks to be old style, but I think they’re coming back in style. The Longchamp purse and Timberland shoes are also to die for! I love them both because they are so neutral. I love the purse because you can style it up and down. The shoes are great for many reasons, one because they are cute at the same time as the do a great job of protecting your feet. All in all, hope you liked this little post.

Party Like Its My Birthday


Its my birthday!!! Okay maybe only 10 more minutes of it but I can still celebrate, right? Haha, no but honestly I go so many wonderful things and I unfortunately can’t include them all since I don’t have pictures of everything. Today, Lina (best friend from Sweden) arrived to Japan! I missed her so much!!! I honestly say, I have the best friends in the world! I love them all to the moon and back! I just needed to post this because I got a lot of requests to post birthday things! Anyways, love you all!



Exercise Routine


This post has been requested a few times now, so I decided I should finally do it, and I am so sorry its late. Also, I got my blogging notebook now so there will be much more fun posts soon. Lets get started now!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I usually do some kind of sport or exercise so I recently played volleyball for two hours after school and there would be games on Saturdays. However, volleyball season recently ended so instead, I go to the gym every Thursday after school. On Tuesday, I do not go to the gym because I mentor someone from 5-6 pm.

When I am at the gym, I usually do the same routine. This involves running on the treadmill at a steady pace for one mile and seeing how well I did. I usually try to increase my speed a little each time because, in school we have to run the mile as a P.E. assignment in class. After I run a mile, I go to the different machines which most people don’t consider to be helpful but I think it has strengthened my muscles. The machines I usually use are ones that help me tone my legs such as leg curler, leg presser and outer thigh machines. I also do a lot of upper arm work outs. I do each machine for about 10×3 or 10×5 times depending on the machines.

After I finish with the machinery, I start doing my own at home cardio…but at the gym. This involves push-ups, sit-ups, and more. I finish at the gym by stretching so I don’t pull too many muscles.

I then move on to the swimming pool where I mostly relax my muscles by staying in the jacuzzi, and then going to the pool, and doing pull-ups on the edge. I might also do some underwater swimming to see if my body can take more time underwater. Such as, seeing how many laps I can swim without going up from the water. I may also do some normal laps or just talk with Ebba while floating. My whole workout routine takes about two hours, including the swimming pool. I enjoy working out and I am so happy that I have closeness to the gym. All in all, my exercise routine works for me, it may not work for you so just try to experiment with whatever works for you.



Apologies and School

IMG_9346 IMG_9347 IMG_9348

So sorry for not posting frequently but I have had a lot of summatives recently, but I promise I will start getting better at it again. Today I had a huge math test so yesterday, I went to Tully’s to study with a friend and I also took some notes on my science papers. I think its a great thing to do when you have to focus outside of your house. I think its good to distance yourself from all your stuff in your room and youtube so instead you go to a quiet place. I will probably continue doing this because it really did help me focus on my work.

Anyways, I just wanted to post something because I really have become busy so I don’t blog as much. I also don’t have a lot of post ideas, so if you want to see something please tell me, or comment.