How To Stay Healthy


So obviously I am not the healthiest person, but I do enjoy “being healthy”. I decided to share some of my tips and tricks for staying healthy.

  1. Instead of eating rice, try quinoa- This is a much healthier choice but it tastes alike
  2. When you get a craving for bread, eat wheat crispbread (like picture above)- This is quite healthy, but delicious
  3. After school, try going for a run, or possibly just cardio- This will give you a refreshed feeling afterwards
  4. Make a smoothie for breakfast or snack (frozen berries and yoghurt smoothie in picture above)- Delicious and healthy
  5. Listen to music that makes you want to dance while running/exercising- This will help you get moving, and I personally like dancing while running
  6. Do squats when you go up the elevator- I do this when I am alone in the elevator, and after a while, you see a difference
  7. If you live close to work/school, exercise to get there- I personally bike to school and from school everyday
  8. Do 30 sit-ups when you find yourself bored- While you watch a tv show in bed or something, you might as well exercise
  9. Try cutting down on meats- I may be bias, but according to Chris Woolston, “Harvard researchers found that people who ate three ounces of red meat every day were about 13 percent more likely to die—often from heart disease or cancer.”
  10. Detox water- Have a water bottle, and fill it with water and other fruits (I use lime, lemon, and cucumber)
  11. Waking up at the same or around the same time each morning- This has been proved to help become thinner/healthier
  12. Swap all sugary drinks to healthier options- Possibly sparkling water, or flavoured water
  13. Use facial masks+toner- Staying healthy is also about keeping your skin healthy, so I recommend this
  14. Have fun with it- Just get out and move, and don’t keep yourself from eating different things which you crave because eventually, you will just binge eat it.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips, and possibly using some of them in your life. I know they have helped me, so I hope they may help you to. Don’t forget to stay healthy!




Summer Soon

Two more weeks till Summer VACAY!!! I’m excited! I hope everything will be as fun as I expect it to be! Haha, I actually learned to always have low expectations so I no longer get disappointed… I will be going to Sweden for most of the time, and then I still have to figure out what else to do. I am excited to see all my friends:-) 

Today I have my drama performance, which means I will be less stressed so I can post more entertaining posts. I really feel bad for posting these horrible posts, but please let me know what kind of posts you want to see, because I am not sure what y’all like. Anyways, I need to go change for the performance. Wish me luck!



Greenroom Festival ’16


Hey! So, this Sunday, I went to the Greenroom Festival in Yokohama with Ebba. We took the train 9:06 in the morning, and arrived there at 12:34. The Greenroom Festival is basically a music, and arts festival which I had been looking forward to. I really love looking at art, and listening to different styles of music so I enjoyed it. Ebba and I really loved getting out of our little part of Japan so that we could spend one day without accidentally running into people, because sometime you just need some time alone. Sometimes it is a nice getaway. Anyways, I am not going to go into too much detail about the festival but here are some pictures:-)



One Year On This Blog

Photo credit to Daniela F.
Hey Guys! It’s been one year and one day since I made this blog! Can you believe it!? I can’t! I really want to thank all of you for reading because it means a lot to me. Since it has been a year, I think it is time for me to tell you some more about myself.

  1. I have very strong opinions and I will debate with you if you believe opposite things
  2. I have a mini samurai sword in my vanity because I don’t know where else to put it
  3. I love korean candy!!!
  4. The most recent book I read was “Speak” which I recommend
  5. I save different souvenirs just for the memory, even though its something I should use like soap…
  6. I have had four blogs before this which all sucked, haha!
  7. One of them was in Swedish from when I was in first grade, so the grammar was horrible
  8. I am obsessed with the smell of clean laundry
  9. I suck at keeping up with the new generation’s lingo, so I have urban dictionary in my bookmarks on my computer in case I need to search something up
  10. My favorite episode of any tv-show is Season 10 Episode 18 in “Friends”, and this is from the moment I watched it in second grade
  11. I have a shelf in my room dedicated to Justin Bieber because I was such a big fan!
  12. I have a playlist saved just for when I write, and by now, I know all the lyrics to each song…
  13. I think poems are so nice and inspiring!
  14. I love rapping to songs even though I suck at it, haha
  15. Nicki Minaj speaks to me with some of her songs
  16. I love learning new things when I understand them
  17. I love to plan ahead of time (so I started planning for college in 7th grade…)
  18. My favorite book right now is “Just Listen” by Sarah Dessen
  19. I am a VERY picky eater, ahahah
  20. I think I may be like “That’s so Raven” at times…

Hope you learned at least one new thing about me!:-) I want to thank you again for all your support, and I love you all! I know it may not seem like I have a lot of people reading my blog, but a year ago I never thought anyone would read it. Hope you guys continue reading it. Love you!



My Life in A Week

So I am very busy usually, which is both good, and bad… This means I have not been able to write very good posts but I thought I could tell you my plans for this week.


  • School 8:30-3:25
  • Mentoring 3:30-4:30
  • Drama Rehearsal 4:30-5:30
  • Tutoring by Grandpa through Skype 6:30-6:55
  • Other Homework 7:30-8:00
  • Freetime


  • School 8:30-3:25
  • Pick up tickets for Greenroom Festival 3:30-4:00
  • Film English Video 4:00-4:45
  • Freetime (gym/exercise) 5:00-6:25
  • Tutoring by Grandpa through Skype 7:00-7:40
  • Other Homework 7:45-8:00


  • School 8:30-2:25
  • Dance Practice 3:30-4:45
  • Drama Rehearsal 4:45-5:30
  • Tutoring by Grandpa through Skype 6:00-6:55
  • Other Homework 7:00-7:30
  • Freetime


  • School 8:30-3:25
  • Gym 4:00-5:00
  • Tutoring by Grandpa through Skype 6:00-6:55
  • Other Homework 7:00-7:30
  • Freetime


  • School 8:30-3:25
  • Drama Rehearsal 3:30-5:30
  • Hangout with friends 5:30-9:30


  • Drama Rehearsal 10:00-3:00
  • Shopping for Costume for Play 3:25-5:25
  • Freetime (Get ready for tomorrow’s day trip)
  • Work on homework 6:00-7:00


  • Train to Festival 9:00-10:30
  • Greenroom Festival 11:00-7:30
  • Train home 7:45-9:15

Obviously, this is just to sum up my week. It may not look exactly like this due to my planning skills aren’t the best right now. However, I am doing all the activities but the time just may be off by a little bit. I don’t think this post was very entertaining, but soon there will be more entertaining posts.

Just A Girl?


Hi, I’m Gry, and I am a feminist. Did that affect your point of view of me? Since I said I was a feminist, you may have started to already create many stereotypical assumptions about me. No, I am not a man-hater, and no I don’t think women are better than men. I simply believe in the notion that women are equal to men. We are all human so why should our gender define what we are worth? There are so many reasons I think our society needs a change to create equality.

One of the biggest issues is the pay gap. Woohoo, who doesn’t enjoy the pay gap (please note sarcasm)? For every dollar a man earns, a woman earns 78 cents. WOW! This means it takes 15 months for women to earn the same as a man does in 12 months. This makes me worry for my future, and for so many other’s future. No matter how hard women work, they will be paid less because “they are just women”. The only job that has reported that they pay the same for both men and women is speech pathology. That’s one in like one million jobs. That is so mind-blowing to me.

Dress code. My school has this crazy obsession with the dress code. The rules are; no showing bra straps, shorts/skirts/dresses need to be longer than what your hands reach, and the shirts need to have a thicker sleeve than four of your fingers. These rules target women specifically more than men, and it is telling them to be ashamed of their bodies. It demonstrates the idea that all of our bodies are simply for others to look at, also known as objectification of bodies. Not only is this insulting to the students who are being dress coded due to “being a distraction” but it is also insulting to the people who the teachers say are being distracted because they are saying that they aren’t controlled enough. Also, saying that student’s skin is distracting more people than pulling a student out of class to make them change. I don’t know about you, but I have never heard anyone say, “I couldn’t concentrate during that assignment in class because all I could see was _______ shoulders/bra straps/legs.” Overall, sexualizing bodies, mainly women’s because that’s who most people sexualize.

Let’s talk sexual assault now. According to facts.randomhistory, “Globally, about 1 in 3 women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime,” (2014). This indicates that if I have a friend group of three girls, one of us will be raped or beaten in our life. This is a very high amount of women who get beaten or raped, but I guess it doesn’t matter because “she was provoking the assaulter” (please note sarcasm). According to the U.N., 99.3% of women and girls in Egypt have been subjected to sexual harassment. Can you believe that? I sure can’t. The Guardian once stated, “Approximately 1.2 million children worldwide are victims of human trafficking, and over 80% are girls,”(2013). When most people found out about this, their question was, “What were they wearing?” This is what I can’t wrap my head around; why would it matter if someone was wearing a low cut shirt or a turtleneck? It won’t stop the assault from happening, so why blame the clothing of the victim. This teaches the victim that it is their fault, which is totally untrue. I am not saying that only women are victims because in fact, about 9% of sexual assault victims are men. This is still super serious. Every eight minutes, Child Protective Service responds to a report of sexual abuse from any gender. With that in mind, there are still so many sexual assaults that go unreported. They may go unreported for many reasons but one is because “93% of juvenile sexual assault victims know their attacker,” (U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistic, 2000). So, sexual assault is quite serious if you weren’t aware of it before.

This may be a long rant, but I felt like our society needed a change. Instead of making women work harder, or show less skin, what if we actually made a change in our society. What would happen if women and men would earn the same amount? Or if assaulters would stop assaulting? I know it may not be easy for them because of some strange reason, but at least knowing that they are trying to stop would be relieving. I want to be able to walk home at night without having to hold my keys between my fingers in case someone tries following me. I don’t want to have to run if I see a man walking behind me because he “could” be an assaulter. I am sorry if this is not the kind of post I usually make, but I felt like I needed to step up about the rights that we all deserve.



If this was too much for you to handle, here is another thing you can look at;


63 Interesting Facts About FEMINISM. (n.d.). Retrieved May 12, 2016, from

Who are the Victims? | RAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. (n.d.). Retrieved May 12, 2016, from

Young and Free 

I was thinking about this the other day, but what does it mean to feel free? How do you feel free? How do become free? Well, to answer my own question, I think freedom is different depending on the person. I feel free different times than other people. I feel free when I run on the fields, or when I look at the environment, or when I laugh until I cry. A lot of people don’t feel free at those times, and some don’t feel free at all. 

I don’t know why I felt like writing this, but these are the kind of thoughts that goes through my head when I am left to myself just to think and reflect. My Sweden and Italy travel post will be up soon, but I will probably be quite tired this week since I arrive in Japan and I’m going straight away to school which will be difficult (jet lag makes it hard). Anyways, I will post a new post on Thursday. 




Italy!!! Beautiful, is all I can say about it. It is so wonderful to be here again and regain the memories. I went to school to visit today, and it was so different but entertaining. I was able to meet all my all my old friends, and I made a few more ones. It was super fun, and I hope they also think so. 

Tonight, Lina arrived to Italy. Therefore, we went to dinner at a little Italian trattoria. It was really cute in a way. We sat there and ate food which was quite delicious. Then we walked to the duomo, and bought an ice cream to enjoy the street shows with.

I am so sorry my posts are boring this week, but I have been so busy with everything here, but I swear better posts will be posted. The internet sucks here though, so my YouTube video hasn’t been able to post… But keep yourself updated.




Yup, I’m in Sweden!! I just thought you should see some of the things I am doing here, haha. It is so nice here for vacation! I love meeting my friends again. Being able to understand everyone even if you don’t know them. I love being able to understand all the signs that tell you where you are. It is so nice! 

I got my nails done as well today. Extensions and French manicure. I love them! Totally recommend the nail salon here in Stockholm named CutieNails. I got mine done for my dad’s birthday party. I still haven’t found a dress which stresses me out. I will try to find one in Italy when I go there tomorrow. I am so excited!

I am sorry if this was a boring post but if you want to see something more entertaining, you can check my YouTube channel because a new video will be out. It is right now uploading.