Day to Night Look

Day to Night Look


Boohoo strappy maxi dress
¥2,645 –

LE3NO tailored jacket
¥2,975 –

Stuart Weitzman patent leather sandals
¥40,725 –

Converse white low top sneaker
¥6,020 –

Givenchy grey tote bag
¥195,950 –

Clear quartz jewelry
¥6,920 –

Statement choker necklace
¥480 –
Today, I thought it would be great to show you guys how to make a simple day outfit, into a night outfit. My favorite summer dress is a black maxi dress, therefore, I tried to corporate that with this post. You can style this both up and down which is why it leads to a night outfit.
Starting the day off by covering yourself in a denim jacket, and white converse. I think this is quite the casual look, and suits great for a day in the city. Then towards the night, putting on some of your favorite jewelry-even something as easy as a necklace! In this case, I decided it would be good to wear a statement necklace over a basic dress. This creates the illusion that it is much more fancy than it really is. Changing to high heels emphasizes this, as well. The purse can be both day wear and night wear due to its plain color and classy feel. All in all, I think this is a great day outfit that can be made into a night outfit if you’re on the go.

Outfits of Barcelona Nights

As I said last post, I was in Barcelona! I also promised y’all an outfit of the night post:-) Here are the outfits for the two nights I ate dinner there.

Outfit #1:IMG_5913IMG_5929IMG_5915

Shirt- River Island

Skirt- Vero Moda

Sandals- Forever 21

Earrings- Bershka

Ring- Tiffany & Co

Bracelet and Necklace- Received as gift from close friends

Outfit #2:


Romper- Forever 21

Heels- H&M

Ring- Tiffany & Co

Necklace and Earrings- Received as gifts from close friends


I know they are only two outfits, but I hope you enjoy this post anyways. I had so much fun in Barcelona! I did film vlogs, but I’ll see after I edit if I will post it since I didn’t take many videos… Haha.. Anyways, hope you’re having a great summer so far.



Just A Girl?


Hi, I’m Gry, and I am a feminist. Did that affect your point of view of me? Since I said I was a feminist, you may have started to already create many stereotypical assumptions about me. No, I am not a man-hater, and no I don’t think women are better than men. I simply believe in the notion that women are equal to men. We are all human so why should our gender define what we are worth? There are so many reasons I think our society needs a change to create equality.

One of the biggest issues is the pay gap. Woohoo, who doesn’t enjoy the pay gap (please note sarcasm)? For every dollar a man earns, a woman earns 78 cents. WOW! This means it takes 15 months for women to earn the same as a man does in 12 months. This makes me worry for my future, and for so many other’s future. No matter how hard women work, they will be paid less because “they are just women”. The only job that has reported that they pay the same for both men and women is speech pathology. That’s one in like one million jobs. That is so mind-blowing to me.

Dress code. My school has this crazy obsession with the dress code. The rules are; no showing bra straps, shorts/skirts/dresses need to be longer than what your hands reach, and the shirts need to have a thicker sleeve than four of your fingers. These rules target women specifically more than men, and it is telling them to be ashamed of their bodies. It demonstrates the idea that all of our bodies are simply for others to look at, also known as objectification of bodies. Not only is this insulting to the students who are being dress coded due to “being a distraction” but it is also insulting to the people who the teachers say are being distracted because they are saying that they aren’t controlled enough. Also, saying that student’s skin is distracting more people than pulling a student out of class to make them change. I don’t know about you, but I have never heard anyone say, “I couldn’t concentrate during that assignment in class because all I could see was _______ shoulders/bra straps/legs.” Overall, sexualizing bodies, mainly women’s because that’s who most people sexualize.

Let’s talk sexual assault now. According to facts.randomhistory, “Globally, about 1 in 3 women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime,” (2014). This indicates that if I have a friend group of three girls, one of us will be raped or beaten in our life. This is a very high amount of women who get beaten or raped, but I guess it doesn’t matter because “she was provoking the assaulter” (please note sarcasm). According to the U.N., 99.3% of women and girls in Egypt have been subjected to sexual harassment. Can you believe that? I sure can’t. The Guardian once stated, “Approximately 1.2 million children worldwide are victims of human trafficking, and over 80% are girls,”(2013). When most people found out about this, their question was, “What were they wearing?” This is what I can’t wrap my head around; why would it matter if someone was wearing a low cut shirt or a turtleneck? It won’t stop the assault from happening, so why blame the clothing of the victim. This teaches the victim that it is their fault, which is totally untrue. I am not saying that only women are victims because in fact, about 9% of sexual assault victims are men. This is still super serious. Every eight minutes, Child Protective Service responds to a report of sexual abuse from any gender. With that in mind, there are still so many sexual assaults that go unreported. They may go unreported for many reasons but one is because “93% of juvenile sexual assault victims know their attacker,” (U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistic, 2000). So, sexual assault is quite serious if you weren’t aware of it before.

This may be a long rant, but I felt like our society needed a change. Instead of making women work harder, or show less skin, what if we actually made a change in our society. What would happen if women and men would earn the same amount? Or if assaulters would stop assaulting? I know it may not be easy for them because of some strange reason, but at least knowing that they are trying to stop would be relieving. I want to be able to walk home at night without having to hold my keys between my fingers in case someone tries following me. I don’t want to have to run if I see a man walking behind me because he “could” be an assaulter. I am sorry if this is not the kind of post I usually make, but I felt like I needed to step up about the rights that we all deserve.



If this was too much for you to handle, here is another thing you can look at;


63 Interesting Facts About FEMINISM. (n.d.). Retrieved May 12, 2016, from

Who are the Victims? | RAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. (n.d.). Retrieved May 12, 2016, from

Prom Outfits

Prom Outfits


Long formal gown
¥16,135 –

Sheer back dress
¥7,630 –

Sweetheart prom dress
¥4,785 –

Chiffon prom dress
¥6,305 –

Christian Louboutin open toe shoes
¥140,760 –

Christian Louboutin black strappy sandals
¥121,845 –

Dolce&Gabbana black open toe pumps
¥74,115 –

Benjamin Adams high heel stiletto
¥43,395 –

Charlotte Russe high heel stiletto
¥4,005 –

BCBGMAXAZRIA special occasion clutch
¥20,920 –

L K Bennett white patent handbag
¥29,925 –

Natasha Accessories special occasion clutch
¥3,335 –
So, prom is coming up! I am obviously not going since I am in 8th grade, haha. However, I figured why not create some outfits for people who ARE going! I wasn’t completely sure how to style everything because everyone has their own taste. For example, some girls may not want to wear heels, therefore I had one outfit with sandals. Meanwhile, some may like shorter dresses, and some may like clutches. I didn’t really know, but maybe this will give you inspiration if you have yet to find an outfit! I think prom looks very fun, but I don’t know since I have never been.
PS. I am leaving for Italy and Sweden tomorrow, so posts will be European time.

Spring Playlist


Since tomorrow is spring break for a lot of us, well at least in my school… I thought I would share my spring playlist so that you have something to listen to:-) Some of the songs are from Eurovision Song Contest but many of my spring favorites are on other playlists as well so feel free to check my Spotify account out.



Spring Break Tips+Tricks


OH YAY! It’s finally getting warm enough out here to wear a dress! I am so excited, haha! Anyways, I thought I would share a few tips+tricks into having a good spring break.

  1. You don’t actually need to have a bunch of friends to go with. I am going to Hawaii with my mom and brother, and I am going to have fun even though my friends aren’t coming with me.
  2. Find different adventures. When we go to Hawaii, we are actually looking at going paragliding, scuba diving, visiting Pearl Harbor, and much more. Try to find new experiences.
  3. If you aren’t going anywhere outside of your hometown, you can try to experience your city from a different perspective. Go out and pretend you’re a tourist, and kind of just find experiences within your city.
  4. Pack light. I make the mistake to pack a lot, but lets be honest… you have like one bikini that you love the most, and one pair of shorts, and you can mix-and-match a lot.
  5. Don’t go overboard on the make-up. Your face needs time to breath so when I go on beach vacations, I always only do my eyebrows. It is just so nice not to have to put on make-up.
  6. Videotape your trip to see how awesome your experience was! I do this now all the time! It is a great way to document your memories.
  7. HAVE FUN! Live your life to the fullest and just relax!!!

Coachella Lookbook 2K16

IMG_5237Coachella is coming up soon!!! ARGH!!! April 15th is the start of the first weekend. I am unfortunately not going, but I am in love with Coachella. I really want to go, but I am so far away… Anyways, I gathered two more people; Ebba, and Ebba, haha. One is the Ebba that you all know, and the other Ebba is her best friend who is visiting from Sweden. Just have to say, it is 43 degrees fahrenheit here, when we took the pictures so I mean, you have to give us credit for this, haha.

So, the first look will be shown by Ebba. She is wearing her Brandy Melville dress with a floral pattern. Since it’s super hot at Coachella because it is in the desert, then a dress would be very comfortable but still gives a breeze kind of. She then paired this with her white shoes, and flower earrings. She is wearing two flash tattoos, both from Bershka, and if you want to see how much they were, you can check my last post by clicking here. Ebba then wore her black H&M triangle bikini, because as I said, Coachella gets warm, and it may be more comfortable with a bikini. All in all, this outfit looks very nice, and more formal than usual Coachella outfits.

The second look will be shown by the other Ebba. She is wearing a Bershka crop top with a pair of black shorts from Volcom, and a pair of white sneakers. Ebba is the one with the hand to the left (blue rings), and this goes great with her outfit and her Forever21 necklace. She went for a yellow, strapless bikini from H&M as well. Since her outfit is black and white, she paired it with more colorful jewelry like I said above. She also applied two flash tattoos from Bershka, to make it more Coachella themed. All in all, this outfit looks so good, and I love how the flash tattoos just put the whole outfit together.

The last outfit will be shown by me, haha. I paired my floral croptop from H&M, with a pair of high waisted shorts from Forever21 and green Stan Smith Adidas shoe. They go very well together because they give off a very boho look. The crop top is actually from last years Coachella line at H&M (I was obsessed with Coachella last year). I wore a pink and orange bikini from New Yorker (to see haul of that bikini, click here). I paired my outfit with a pair earrings from Bershka, and cateye, black sunglasses from Forever21 because your sunglasses will probably break, so I would only bring cheap ones. I also have two flash tattoos, one by my collar bone and one on my wrist, shown above (picture of second outfit, and I am the hand to the right). The flash tattoos didn’t quite stick out for my outfit but they look good anyways. In conclusion This outfit looks very rocker-chic but still a bit boho, and I am very satisfied with how it turned out in the end.

Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed this post because I was actually very excited to write this lookbook. I just love Coachella, and wish I could go so bad!!! Hope you have a nice day.





I just thought I would share a poem that was written by Meghan Rienks, and I am just really loving this poem because it’s just so meaningful:

There is something both frightening and yet so very comforting about darkness
It’s in the way it hugs every curve of your body
How it forgives those mountains and plateaus that the daylight does not
In the darkness you can hide
You can hide from pretty much anything
So you turn off the lights so you don’t have to look in the mirror
And you shut the blinds so it seems like the sun stopped shinning for everyone else too
And it’s quiet
And it’s dark
And it’s lonely

But it’s not forever
This life of yours will not be defined by the moment in which you cease to exist
You can’t see it now but, It’s got chapters, and volumes and sequels and a future
And that body you’re cloaking in shadows is carved with so much beauty
In the fog as you forgetting how your bewitching mind is
One of a kind
In the darkness you can’t see any of that
So light it up
And ignite that spark

It’s not about being happy all of the time
It’s about recognizing those moments in which you really feel alive
When goosebumps crawl up your arms and you can’t help the smile breaking across your face
It’s that feeling when you hear that song on the radio you love so much
When you’re running so fast you can taste your heart beat
In those singular moments when it feels as if your soul is rising from your body
Looks down at you, and says, remember this.
This moment
This is who you are
You are not your grades
or your jean size
or your anxiety
or your depression
You are not your past
You are not defined by a number or a phrase or a moment

You are light
A sparkling, dazzling, electrifying glow
And you burn brighter than even the deepest of shadows

The darkness will return
That’s an inevitable fact
You’ll have moments of weakness
And you’ll wonder where the light went
But here’s the secret
That light is you
and nobody can take that away

Happy New Years!


Since it is a start of a new year, I decided to share some of my New Years resolutions with you all:-) This is the first time I tried the scheduled posts so I hoped it worked, but I set it up for 12:00 AM in Japan. I hope you really enjoyed year 2015 because I sure did!

  1. Be more positive- I wanna see everything more optimistic if I am sad.
  2. Eat healthier- Stop eating as much carbs, and candy.
  3. Exercise more- Try to work harder at the gym.
  4. Make new friends- Socialize with people I usually wouldn’t.
  5. Be present and live in the moment- Stop using my phone all the time so I can stop and smell the roses.
  6. Be more consistent in my blog- I want to start posting one or two days a week and have those days decided.
  7. Make a difference with the help of my blog- I want to make the world a better place by writing something strong and important on my blog so I can inspire.

I don’t know if I am going to be able to stick to these resolution because that is a big struggle of remembering them. However, this year I really want to be able to follow them all. Anyways, I hope you had a great time over the holidays, and I hope you really enjoyed your new year!