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So I just thought I would give you guys a little look into my life and what I have done today.

Basically I woke up and headed to another school to play a game of volleyball which we unfortunately lost. However, I guess it was fun anyways since we have one of the best coaches. When we went home again, I hung out with Jiwoo and Ebba and basically just walked around in a festival here in Japan. At 7:00 it was time to practice for a dance we were performing on the stage at the festival. When we had the performance, we danced the Macarena, Shout, Cotton Eye Joe and Shake it off. Everybody who was looking at us dance, basically danced along and smiled. A few of my teachers were also there which was quite fun to look at them while we were on a 6 feet tall stage… Anyways, that has been my day and I hope yours has been as fun as mine has although it was SO hot outside!:-)


Exercise Back On Track

Today I finally got back on track with my exercise. I think it’s easier to exercise in Japan since I have a gym in the same building I live in. Anyways, so today I woke up at 9:00 and got ready to go to the gym at 10:00. I started by running about 2 km on the treadmill. Then I did 10×3 on different machinery. When I was just about done on the machinery, I went to do some stretching with Ebba. This also involved hard core exercises such as push-ups and other work outs to exercise your core. In the end we were both tired but we felt like running a little more so we ran a few laps on the treadmill and then headed off to the pool. When we were at the pull we lifted ourselves up by the edge 30 times and did sit-ups against the edge. I think pool exercises are great because you don’t actually realize you are exercising and in the end we got to go in the jacuzzi as a reward. We finished our exercises at 12:00 and headed off to our own families to be with them. 

When I got back at 4:30, Ebba and I had dance to go to in the building and that continued until 6:00 so that was very exhausting as well considering the heat and lack of air conditioning. I really think that it is nice to exercise and even more so if I have a friend with me. I feel like I’m getting back on track with my exercising and tomorrow I’m starting with my everyday work out again. Also on Tuesdays and Thursday’s I have both volleyball for two hours and then dance for one. Finally, on Saturday I have a volleyball game at another school and the dance performance. Overall, I feel great and I hope I will keep my exercising consistent. 

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Some Favorite Songs At The Moment

So just this morning, I added some songs to my Spotify playlist (which you can find by clicking HERE) I just got kind of bored listening to the same music over and over so I added these songs and literally listened to them all day. I think they are really calming but still fun to listen to. For people who just started reading my blog, you should know that I love music and that music for me, makes the world a happier place. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, music will always make it better. So I just wanted to share the songs that I have been jamming out to today. Enjoy!

Wish List Fall 2k15

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1- H&M

2- H&M Home

3- H&M Home

4- Zulily.com

5- Acne Studios

6- Superette.co.nz

7- Gilt.com

8- Amazon

9- Scotch and Soda

10- Zincdoor

11- Ray Bans

12- Ray Bans

13- Marc by Marc Jacobs

14- Balenciaga

15- Celine

16- Primeboots

17- Nike

18- Calvin Klein

19- Calvin Klein

20- Timberland

21- Beats by Dr. Dre

22- Vans

23- Amara.com

24- Amara.com

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1- Gant

2- BeyondTheRack.com

3- LucLuc.com

4- Adidas

5- Aeropostale

6- Genuine-People.com

7- Converse

8- GoJane.com

Recently I have been looking at some things that I am wishing for my birthday. I am one of those people who loves birthdays so when mine comes near, I just get super excited. My birthday is on October 17th, and I know that its two months left but I’m still excited. Therefore, I created two picture wish lists. The second one is just things I couldn’t fit one the first wish list. I don’t know exactly where all the things are from but if I didn’t know the brand, I wrote the website where you can find the things. Anyways, next time I post I will be in Japan instead of Stockholm, since I leave tomorrow morning. So bye sweden!

Örentorp, Gothenburg and Lysekil

Yesterday I just got back from an amazing family road trip. I thought I would share the story of the trip and some pictures for you guys since I haven’t posted in a while and Summer 2015 is coming to an end. When I get back to Japan I will be updating a lot more on my blog, so don’t worry. Anyways, lets get right into the trip.

It all started Tuesday when my parents, brother and I all jump in the car with our luggage and start heading to Örentorp which is a beautiful place in Sweden. We were invited by some family friends to stay with them. When we arrived we were super welcome by our friends. Later that evening, my brother Patrik, and my father went crayfishing with Per, and Max (family friends). It was very cool and a completely new experience for me. When we came back, we all sat and talked until it was ready for dinner. The dinner was these amazing crayfish that they had fished the day before and honestly, they were the best I’ve ever tasted. When we were all done with dinner we sat and talked until 12:00 and thats when the youngest son in their family, my brother and I decided to play some card games. While we played we talked and had really fun. At 1:00 we all went to sleep so we could manage the next day.

Patrik and I wake up at 6:00 so we can get ready to pick up the cages from the ocean so we catch some crayfish. Per taught Patrik and I how to hold them and tell which ones are big and which are small. We threw the small ones back in the ocean and one of them pinched me. Although it didn’t hurt that much, it took me by surprise so I screamed a little. We then had breakfast and started driving again to the next stop, Gothenburg.

Patrik and I went to Liseberg, which is a huge amusement park in Gothenburg. For those who don’t know what Gothenburg is, it is the second biggest city in Sweden and it is not where Batman lives. Although, that would be pretty awesome. Liseberg was filled with people so every line for the roller coasters was at least an hour. We had a fast pass for three of the roller coasters so we didn’t have to wait in line for three of them. The rest of the roller coasters had such a long line so we wouldn’t have time to wait for all of them so we just went on two others, Helix and Kanonen. They were fun but such a long line for such a short ride!

We then headed to the hotel and got ready for dinner, I wore my black pencil skirt, floral tank top, black kimono, and red converse. We then went to dinner at a restaurant called Joe Farelli’s. I had the pasta al vongole (pasta with clams), and it was delicious. The whole family then walked around Gothenburg and looked around since there was a huge festival. When we got back to the hotel we watched a movie called “Just Friends”, and if you haven’t seen it, it is a must watch!

We wake up the next morning and start the day off by meeting my mom’s aunt, and cousin at a cafe. We talk and catch up until my family has to leave again for the next adventure ahead of us. The West coast of Sweden. When we got there, it wasn’t at all like my parents remembered and no hotels had rooms, so we just stayed for lunch and went to a huge aquarium. It was super cool and I didn’t know how all these fish looked like until we went to the aquarium. We then headed back to Gothenburg and texted my moms aunt and cousin to see if they wanted to meet us again. We met after we both had eaten and we had dessert, well actually I had dessert and then they kept hanging out but Patrik and I headed towards the hotel again because we were kind of tired.

The next morning we get in the car at 10:00 to start driving back to Stockholm. I listened to my favorite podcast thats called “Mathilda och Andrea Podcast”, and it is just tow 19 year-old girls talking about all different kind of stuff and if you speak Swedish, you HAVE TO listen to their pod, because you will NOT regret it! I listened to about 20 episodes and each episode was 40-60 minutes. That is how addicting they are! And their podcast got me thinking, maybe I wanna do a podcast with a close friend or something. It just all seems very interesting and fun. Well, thats just another dream of mine. I guess I have a lot of dreams but thats a completely different topic so I’ll talk about that some other time. So, now I’m back in Stockholm and I leave on Tuesday again to go back to Japan. School starts Thursday so I will hopefully have all my school supplies by then. Anyways, here are some pictures of my adventurous road trip and my outfit.

IMG_8348 IMG_8276 IMG_8279 IMG_8281 IMG_8342IMG_8273FullSizeRender

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Flash Tattoos and Late Night Pictures

When I was in Mallorca, we walked around the Puerto de Soller and I happen to find something I have been looking for so long; flash tattoos. There were so many different packs to pick from but at the end I decided on one that I think suits me a lot. Therefore, I bought it and its been one month since I bought them and I decided to go all in on them. I went into the bathroom and put on half of all of them in cool places and my brothers girlfriend put some of the ones she bought in Italy on. I don’t know why, but I think that flash tattoos are so awesome and all the jewelry you need. Anyways, here are the flash tattoos that I put on.IMG_2624 IMG_2634 IMG_2656 IMG_2654 IMG_2660  IMG_2655