Valentine’s Day- Date Night Outfits

Valentine's Day- Date Night Outfits


Chicwish cocktail party dress
¥6,940 –

AX Paris short purple dress
¥3,050 –

Bateau neckline dress
¥3,505 –

Christian Louboutin pink stiletto
¥98,720 –

Dolce&Gabbana black high heel shoes
¥92,880 –

Alexander McQueen leather man bag
¥221,395 –

Alexander Wang long strap shoulder bag
¥78,860 –

Michael Kors white leather purse
¥21,180 –

Valentine’s day is coming up! I know a lot of people want to go out with their significant other on this day. However, outfits are always hard because what can you wear to a date night. Here are three outfits that I thought would work.
Outfit #1:
This outfit has the Valentine’s day feel. I really like how the dress is red, but then the clutch and shoes are black. It feels as if they even each other out. I think this outfit would be great to a fancy restaurant, because it gives off an exclusive vibe. All in all, I really think this outfit is Valentine’s day-like.
Outfit #2:
Outfit #2 is a little different than your usual date night outfit. I was inspired by Ariana Grande with the pastel colors and white heels. I think this is a very cute look, and something I would wear to a date. I just can’t get over how cute the dress is, haha. I think it has such a nice color. Overall, super cute and different Valentine’s day outfit!
Outfit #3:
This outfit is a little more basic. You can never go wrong with a simple black dress. To make it a little more fancy, I added some red detailing to the outfit, so that there is a pop of colors. I think this outfit is a little more mature than the others, and I feel like it is a great look for a dinner with your S.O. In conclusion, this outfit may be a little more plain than the others, but it is a great dinner look.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and maybe it inspired some of you guys for what you can wear. I am going to be on a ski trip with my family on Valentine’s day, so I don’t think I will be going on a date, haha. Anyways, hope you enjoyed today’s post.

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