Paprika Shokudo Vegan Cafe


Last Friday Philippa (Pippi), Lucie, Isabella (Izzy), and I tried this new vegan restaurant in Osaka. 3/4 of us are vegetarians/wannabe vegans, and it was a relief to have a menu in which you can eat everything. If you ever need to find restaurants with vegan/vegetarian options, you should download the app “Happy Cow”.Anyways, I have to say that this has become my new favorite restaurant. Not only do they have only vegan food, but also, everything is organic.

I ordered soya yakiniku, which was amazing. Izzy, who eats meat sometimes, tried it and said it was very similar to normal yakiniku. It was delicious! Pippi ate a vegan pizza margherita and caprese, Izzy ate a risotto, and Lucie ate pasta arabiata. They all agreed that the food was amazing, and it was a relief to not worry if something had meat in it. Even the drinks were delicious. We drank organic lemonade, and Pippi drank a anti-aging smoothie (she didn’t drink it due to its function, more because it looked good). Anyways, I will definitely be returning to this restaurant.

FOOD 5/5                            As I stated above, it was amazing.

AMBIENCE 4/5                  Very cozy! Perfect for pictures.

PRICE 4/5                            Quite cheap, but for students, it was a little pricier on some items.

STAFF 5/5                            Very polite staff, who wanted our experience to be nice.

ENGLISH ABILITY 4/5     The menu was in english, but the staff couldn’t speak English

PEOPLE 5/5                         It was just the right amount of people there.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading this, and try this place out!





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