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New Year’s Resolutions


2017!!!! YAY!!! Happy New Year everyone! I am looking forward to this year which hopefully will be filled with love, travel, friends, and family. Anyways, like last year, I want to share some of my New Year’s Resolutions, and I don’t want to make any cliché ones this year so here we go!

  1. DRINK MORE WATER- I find myself never drinking enough water, so I will be aiming to drink 8 glasses a day!
  2. TALK TO STRANGERS- No, I don’t mean in a way which puts me in danger, but if you see someone in a store that you think you would want to be friends with, start up a conversation.
  3. TRY SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY- Self-explanatory…
  4. SAY YES TO MORE THINGS- Unless you don’t want to of course, but take more opportunities.
  5. CHANGE YOUR HAIR- No, I will not dye my hair, but by this I mean, change something about your hair somehow (length, color, parting, texture, etc.). Since my hair has always been my security blanket, then this is a way to develop.
  6. REACH OUT TO PEOPLE YOU HAVEN’T TALKED TO FOR A WHILE- Just try to keep in touch with all friends.
  7. DON’T DO ANYTHING YOU WOULDN’T FEEL COMFORTABLE SHARING WITH YOUR FRIENDS- This is a way to keep yourself from doing something stupid, so that’s cool.
  8. BRUNCH AND DINNERS WITH FRIENDS- Organize more sophisticated meals with friends which are both cozy and tumblr, haha.
  9. CHANGE BLOG DOMAIN- Already done! This is my last post on wordpress. Although I love wordpress, and how I’ve used it the past two years, I’m moving onto devote, so you can now find my blog on   I hope you all follow my life there as well.

Those were all my New Year’s Resolutions, let me know what yours are! HAPPY NEW YEAR, and may your 2016 be as amazing as you hope for it to be.





Today Ebba and I met again, but this time in Sweden instead of Japan! She slept over at my house so we set our clock at 8:15, and got ready to leave my house at 9:39. We arrived at Odenplan, and easily found our way to STHLM Brunch Club. We stood in line outside for about an hour as we were literally freezing our fingers off. However, there was coffee offered outside while waiting, and when we finally were inside, it was warm. The waiting staff was incredibly nice, and caring. When we sat down we received the menu, and we looked through. There were so many options, and many of them were vegetarian!! I ordered an Acai Bowl without peanut butter and banana, an espresso, and a Waffle “Instashake”. Meanwhile, Ebba ordered an Acai Bowl, and a Cookie And Shake. Both of us guarantee that they were delicious! Now, let’s get on with the rating.

FOOD 5/5                            It was too die for when it came to freshness!

AMBIENCE 5/5                  Very clean, and refreshing ambience.

PRICE 3/5                            A little bit on the pricey side when it came to student’s budget, but                                                worth it.

STAFF 5/5                            Super nice, and polite. Always quick when something was                                                                 requested.

ENGLISH ABILITY 5/5     Although it was in Sweden, so I spoke Swedish with the staff, but                                                     there was an English-speaking group who was there and managed                                                  perfectly.

PEOPLE 3/5                         Too many people around 10-12, but when you are inside you don’t                                                   notice.

TOILET 4/4                          Very clean, and didn’t smell, but interior design inside was plain.

My Christmas

Happy holidays!! This Christmas you have the honor (sarcasm) to follow me around! I vlogged my whole Christmas Day. I spent my Christmas with my family, relatives, and my best friend. I am so thankful for everything I received, and to be surrounded by all my loved ones! Anyways go check out my YouTube video!!



Paprika Shokudo Vegan Cafe


Last Friday Philippa (Pippi), Lucie, Isabella (Izzy), and I tried this new vegan restaurant in Osaka. 3/4 of us are vegetarians/wannabe vegans, and it was a relief to have a menu in which you can eat everything. If you ever need to find restaurants with vegan/vegetarian options, you should download the app “Happy Cow”.Anyways, I have to say that this has become my new favorite restaurant. Not only do they have only vegan food, but also, everything is organic.

I ordered soya yakiniku, which was amazing. Izzy, who eats meat sometimes, tried it and said it was very similar to normal yakiniku. It was delicious! Pippi ate a vegan pizza margherita and caprese, Izzy ate a risotto, and Lucie ate pasta arabiata. They all agreed that the food was amazing, and it was a relief to not worry if something had meat in it. Even the drinks were delicious. We drank organic lemonade, and Pippi drank a anti-aging smoothie (she didn’t drink it due to its function, more because it looked good). Anyways, I will definitely be returning to this restaurant.

FOOD 5/5                            As I stated above, it was amazing.

AMBIENCE 4/5                  Very cozy! Perfect for pictures.

PRICE 4/5                            Quite cheap, but for students, it was a little pricier on some items.

STAFF 5/5                            Very polite staff, who wanted our experience to be nice.

ENGLISH ABILITY 4/5     The menu was in english, but the staff couldn’t speak English

PEOPLE 5/5                         It was just the right amount of people there.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading this, and try this place out!




Break and Change


Hey! So the pictures above are from Bali and I chose these because I get to see my brothers in a week, and I am overjoyed! I miss them lots, but this post isn’t about that. In fact, it is about something completely different. My friend gave me the idea to change to a domain which allows more features, therefore, after new years, I will change into using either devote or nouw. I am not sure which one yet, but I just wanted to give you a heads up:-)

Hope your break will be amazing!!!



Looking Forward To

We all have things we look forward to, and I think that is what keeps us motivated in life.Anyways, here are some things I look forward to until 2017.

December 16th- Winter Break

December 16th- Trying a vegan restaurant with Philippa

December 17th- Going to Sweden

December 17th- Meeting Lina and having a sleepover

December 20th- Leaving to go to my grandparents

December 20th- Meeting Patrik and relatives there

December 21st- My aunt’s 2nd grade students perform

December 22nd- Going back to Stockholm

December 23rd- Bingo with family at night

December 23rd- Meeting Pontus

December 24th- CHRISTMAS (in Sweden)

December 28th- Leaving for Åre for New Years

January 1st- 2017!!!!



Red for Holiday Cheer

Hi! Sorry for the late night post but I have been studying and practicing for a concert all night. Anyways, below are some dresses and shirts I found from that I thought were nice for Christmas, and they ship anywhere in the world. I personally love to dress up for Christmas, always have, always will. This year I ordered dress #1 below. I think it could be cute for Christmas and I would use it other times of the year as well.



Dress 1//Dress 2//Dress 3

Dress 4//Dress 5//Dress 6


Top 1//Top 2//Top 3

Top 4//Top 5//Top 6

Hope you could find something that you liked.



Broken Phone?

Photo on 12-4-16 at 9.14 PM #2.jpg4-up on 12-4-16 at 9.14 PM (compiled).jpg

So this past Saturday, my phone decided to just break down. It had 90% and it just shut down and wouldn’t charge. So my family and I went to the apple geniuses for help, but they said to come back today. My mom went back and now my phone is completely cleared off. 3000 pictures from all my experiences from 2016 are all gone forever. So all pictures from Hawaii, Spain, Italy, camp, China, and Bali are completely cleared off the surface of earth and I am internally crying… All my notes are also gone which includes my songs, poems, caption ideas, wifi passwords, and a short story… But life goes on, and I just need to suck it up… I know it shouldn’t be such a big deal but for me, it’s pretty big… Anyways, while my phone was not repaired, I could only use my laptop and ipad for selfies so above are the outcomes of that…. hahaha, I looked awkward but I mean, whatever…



“Where Are You From?”


As most of you know, I am Swedish, but the truth is, I don’t identify as being from only one culture. Since I have already written about my perspective,  I decided to ask my friends, Philippa and Sawa, to write about how it is to be multicultural.


Background info on Philippa:


From: Northern Ireland and New-Zealand

In Japan for: 9 years

When people ask me where I am from, I never know how to answer. When I am travelling outside of Japan, I say I am Japanese. However, in Japan, if I said that, people would look at me in a questioning way, because I am not ethnically Japanese. In Japan, I have to give an answer in which I don’t completely relate to; I’m half Irish and half New Zealand. In my house, I have to incorporate different cultures into my everyday life. When I visit either Ireland or New Zealand, I don’t feel like I completely fit in. Although, it leaves me being confused of how to react to questions about my culture, I realize that I have learned tremendously about different cultures.



Background info about Sawa:

Age: 14

From: Japan

In Japan for: Life

Whenever I am talking to my friends in english in public areas, people tend to look at me suspiciously. I feel grateful that I am able to speak English as a Japanese since I get to communicate with people not just from Japan but around the world. On the other hand, I have never been to Japanese school which means that I do not know the Japanese manners, and I am not fluent in Japanese even though I am full Japanese. However, if I was raised in a Japanese school, I would probably not be able to be this outgoing and communicative as I currently am. Now that I speak two different languages, and I am able to use these languages in a lot of different places, especially english. I am also able to be more international which has helped me a lot in my life.