Today Ebba and I met again, but this time in Sweden instead of Japan! She slept over at my house so we set our clock at 8:15, and got ready to leave my house at 9:39. We arrived at Odenplan, and easily found our way to STHLM Brunch Club. We stood in line outside for about an hour as we were literally freezing our fingers off. However, there was coffee offered outside while waiting, and when we finally were inside, it was warm. The waiting staff was incredibly nice, and caring. When we sat down we received the menu, and we looked through. There were so many options, and many of them were vegetarian!! I ordered an Acai Bowl without peanut butter and banana, an espresso, and a Waffle “Instashake”. Meanwhile, Ebba ordered an Acai Bowl, and a Cookie And Shake. Both of us guarantee that they were delicious! Now, let’s get on with the rating.

FOOD 5/5                            It was too die for when it came to freshness!

AMBIENCE 5/5                  Very clean, and refreshing ambience.

PRICE 3/5                            A little bit on the pricey side when it came to student’s budget, but                                                worth it.

STAFF 5/5                            Super nice, and polite. Always quick when something was                                                                 requested.

ENGLISH ABILITY 5/5     Although it was in Sweden, so I spoke Swedish with the staff, but                                                     there was an English-speaking group who was there and managed                                                  perfectly.

PEOPLE 3/5                         Too many people around 10-12, but when you are inside you don’t                                                   notice.

TOILET 4/4                          Very clean, and didn’t smell, but interior design inside was plain.


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