Haul ♡ H&M, American Apperal, Brandy Melville, Gina Tricot

My friend Lina and I went shopping in Stockholm today for about 4 hours only. When we got to the bus stop we also met her classmates and took the same bus so we decided to talk to them. One of them was going shopping as well so she came along with Lina and I. We first walked around the Galleria and went into Hollister where I found an amazing outfit but it was kind of expensive for me to buy, so I’m going back with my dad on Saturday to buy it. We went into all different kind of stores so lets get right into what I bought.

High-Knees Sock from American Apperal
High-Knees Sock from American Apperal
Socks, nail polish remover and a clear top coat nail polish from Gina Tricot
Socks, nail polish remover and a clear top coat nail polish from Gina Tricot
The Perks of Being a Wallflower from akademibokhandeln
The Perks of Being a Wallflower from akademibokhandeln
Waterbottle from H&M
Waterbottle from H&M
Shirt, shorts, and stickers from Brandy Melville
Shirt, shorts, and stickers from Brandy Melville 

Lina and I then decided to change into our clothes that we bought and have a photoshoot… yes I know it sounds weird but, why not? IMG_1672 IMG_1692 IMG_1696 IMG_1697 IMG_1700 IMG_1702IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1718 IMG_1723 IMG_1728IMG_1736

Lina’s shorts are from Gina Tricot as well, and the reason I’m not wearing the socks in the pictures is because they were too big in size, and too low in length. However, Lina bought another model.IMG_2067 IMG_2069


A Midsummer Nights Dream

As many of you know, the summer solstice was three days ago. However, what many of you don’t know that Sweden usually celebrates it in a different way than other countries. My family and I usually have some friends and we just hang out and the whole celebration involves dancing around a “midsummer pole”. This pole is actually not a pole… its a wooden thing that is covered in plants.

Since, most of you don’t know what our Swedish celebration is usually like, I thought I would post some pictures that I took with some friends on midsummer. I was wearing white pants from Abercrombie, a white tank top with crotchet detailing, and a cardigan. My rain boots were hunters and they are so comfy and stylish.

PS: I did not realize I had dirt on my pants until posting this, so just ignore it. 


Airplane Tips and Essentials 

For starters, I fly a lot for a kid my age considering I live on the other side of the world from my original home in Sweden. After flying so many times in my life to all different kinds of places, I have some tips and essentials that I have found helpful. So let’s get started!

  1. Wear something comfortable and stylish (this way you will be able to move but if you meet someone you know, you won’t be embarrassed)
  2. Have your hair up in some kind of way so it won’t become messy (I usually have it in a bun or in two braids)
  3. Bring a book!! This is so amazing because you pass time so quickly!   
  4. Bring chargers to all your electronic devices that you’re bringing (just in case there is an outlet at the airport or airplane)
  5. Dress warm but don’t go overboard (flights are usually cold so dress in a way that will keep you warm but if you’re going to a hot place, don’t wear a jacket or something like that)
  6. Notebook and something to write with is important (you might want to write something down or draw)  
  7. Set up a playlist for the flight and listen to it during the flight (I find that this passes the time quickly)  
  8. Try to let your face breath by not wearing as much makeup as usual (I personally only wear concealer and do my eyebrows)
  9. Download movies before/watch flights movies (you are enjoying it while it takes time to finish)
  10. Bring perfume!! The bathrooms smell on the plane and so might you, and that is not a good feeling to smell bad…
  11. Sleeping masks are smart! (Nobody will be able to tell who you are and you will not get concious of how you look when you sleep)
  12. Bring hair brush so that if you want to let your hair down it won’t be messy
  13. Be prepared in case there is no wifi (bring other stuff that doesn’t need wifi)
  14. Try to sleep at least one hour if it is a long flight
  15. Relax!     

This Summer

As you probably know, it’s summertime and that means vacation. Therefore I might be busy since I am going to Sweden to meet all my friends. I will post at least twice every week so don’t worry. Since I will be on a plane for 14 hours in a few minutes I want to Tell you what I did yesterday since it was the last day as a seventh grader for me. 

Coming to school and going into our advisory and I realize my current English teacher won’t be teaching me anymore. He is one of my favorite teachers here and I think he is hilarious. However he is still going to work in the school so I’ll see him around. 

Our advisory (homeroom) had a party and we basically just ate and watched YouTube videos which is enjoyable since we are used to doing work at school… At 9:00 the whole middle school gathers and gives out awards to the students. Then we have a kind of quizbowl and answer different questions in teams. 

School ended at 12:00 and I cried since I know some of my friends are leaving and when I was crying I hugged Philippa and she was imagining me moving so she started crying. When she told me, I imagined it as well and cried even more. Everyone laughed at us but whatever. 

Jiwoo and I went to eat at subways and then got a drink at Tully’s. We are really unhealthy but it’s okay because it was the last day. We then went to the city to take the next bus to univeral studios but it didn’t leave until 3:30 so we just went shopping instead. 

When we were shopping we met Isabella and Ebba at H&M. We talked for a while but then they had to go. Jiwoo and I got a matching white crop top and I got some jewelry. I feel like when it’s summer, you need to have rings on your fingers, so I bought some. 

We then went on the Ferris wheel to look at the view before I leave for Sweden. It is such a beautiful view and it makes everything feel so nice. I think I have a thing for views because I forget all my problems when I see a nice sunset or something like that. 

We went home and sat in the lobby. However, we didn’t stay long because I wanted to say bye to Michael, Chenoa and Jack so we went downstairs and met them. I cannot believe their moving and it makes me so sad just thinking about it. We said bye and talked and I of course started crying because I’m really weird like that. 

Jiwoo and I went upstairs again and just talked. Callum and Zach came to the lobby so we hung out until 10:00 and then I went upstairs and watched some YouTube. I went down to Ebbas house and we said bye although we are going to meet this summer. 

I didn’t fall asleep until twelve when I cried myself to sleep just thinking about how people are moving… I guess I am kind of weird but I think we all are. I’m right not writing in my notebook that I got from Michael and Chenoa and I jut love it! Anyways, hope you have a great summer! I’ll keep posting but just not as frequently. 


Start Writing

If you know me, you might know that I love to write and I do it quite a lot. So for all my writers out there or who knows maybe non-writers become inspired as well, here are some inspiring pictures that I found.

All these pictures made me inspired to write and I hope they will do the same to you! So start writing and your ideas will come when you’re writing.

My Adventurous Day

Woke up 7:00 am today and walked to school with Jiwoo. When walking we just talked about our lives. We then headed to a sewage treatment plant with our class. I am honestly going to say it was scary because the small staircase where we had to walk 30 meters underground, because I am claustrophobic, I was a little anxious. We had to stay at the treatment for two hours. The most fun part of it was the bus ride home since Lucie, Philippa, Karin, Jiwoo and I sat in the back and sang Pitch Perfect songs… I think most people in the bus were annoyed by that.

We got back to school at 11:50 and ate lunch. Since we are soon ending school, we had field day and had some competitions. I signed up for tug of war, 60 meter, javelin, three-legged race, and bb/soccer relay. Instead I got tug of war, 60 meter, 200 meter, 100×4, and bb/soccer relay. It was actually very fun to compete and although I was horrible, our team came second. In the end we had a water tower competition and everyone got wet. I was soaking but fortunately I brought extra clothes with me. I headed home and I swap clothes again because I felt like wearing something more comfortable.

At 3:45 I met Chenoa and Jack at Tully’s (local coffee shop) and got a drink. We talked for a while. I am super sad that Michael, Chenoa and Jack are leaving! When we finished our drinks we just took a walk around the building we live in. After I went home, Ebba and I went to the grocery store to buy the things we needed to make a sandwich for tomorrows field trip to the beach. We made the sandwiches at my house and I realized how messy it gets when you make a sandwiches.

Now I’m just watching Pitch Perfect 2 and loving all of these songs! I wish I would be able to be as good at singing like the Bellas. I think I might have a small obsession with Pitch Perfect at the moment… The movies just have such amazing plots and the songs just make it so interesting! Anyways, bye!Ebba and I dance again Schooldance

Role Model ATM

Trisha Paytas is such a beautiful, inspirational youtuber. Many people think of her as other things but all I see when I look at her is inspiration. She has a lot of quiet courage. Although she has had rough times in her life, she was able to overcome this and started making videos just for fun. After six years of creating videos, she has published 5 different books, and has created 5 of her own songs and more to come. One of her songs really inspires me, and it has inspired many others. All songs she writes are very personal to her, and this really lets me connect to her on a different level. Trisha does anything she sets her mind to and that is why she has accomplished so much. She changes her style so quickly because anything she feels comfortable/confident in, she can rock. Although she has some strong opinions that I may not agree with, I admire her for how strong she stands and how she knows who she is in this huge world. All in all, Trisha is such a confidence booster and so amazing.

TV Shows You Should Watch

I watch a lot of TV shows on a regular basis its almost scary! All my stickies on my computer consists of the episodes and seasons I’m on. Therefore, I decided to share some TV shows that I would definitely recommend you watch.

  • Misfits- Some British young offenders who are sentenced to do community service, and when there is a storm, they all get powers.
  • Friday Night Lights- A high school football team in Dillon, Texas.
  • True Blood- Sookie Stackhouse with the ability to read minds, falls in love with a vampire.
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians- Reality tv show about the Kardashian/Jenner family.
  • Once Upon a Time- A fairy-tale come to life in the real world.
  • Gossip Girl- A gossip site who says everything that is going on in the Upper East Side mostly about a group of friends at a school.
  • Broad City- Two best friends who are in their twenties living in New York City.
  • Modern Family- Three families who are related in different ways.
  • 2 Broke Girls- Two roommates who are trying to raise money and trying to make their cupcake shop work.
  • Big Bang Theory- Two scientists who live across a girl named Penny and they get to know each other and become best friends.
  • New Girl- Jessica (Jess) moved into an apartment with three other guys.
  • Pretty Little Liars- Mysterious person texts four best friends after their friend died.
  • Cougar Town- A series about a neighborhood who are all best friends.
  • Arrested Development- About the Bluth family, a formerly wealthy and habitually dysfunctional family.
  • The Nanny- A nanny who has a very unique personality, that works for a movie producer.
  • Friends- A group of friends who always are together.
  • Seinfeld- The comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his friends life.
  • Scrubs- A series about J.D.’s life working as a doctor.
  • Awkward- Jenna Hamilton’s life in high school from being a nobody to a somebody.
  • 8 Simple Rules- A family with an overprotective dad.
  • How I Met Your Mother- A story of how Ted Mosby met his wife in New York.
  • Two and a Half Men- Alan and his son moves into his brothers Charlie’s house and complicate Charlie’s free-wheeling life.

I have a lot more TV shows that I have loved, or am watching but I thought these were the major ones. I have a very spread out idea of a good tv show because I really like any genre. Obviously my descriptions for the tv shows are not very accurate so if you really want to know more, you should search it up. I am currently obsessed with Misfits and Broad City. If you’re ever looking for more tv shows to watch, then here are some ideas.

Packing For Summer

Summer in exactly 5 days!! Super excited! Today I started packing my bag, and I thought I would share my routine and some tips of packing.

First, make sure you’re comfortable, and wearing something you can move around in. Also, have your hair out of your face with a messy bun or something else. I personally just put on shorts, and a tank top and a bun. These clothes are very comfy but still acceptable to go outside with, so if I have to go outside, I can do so in these clothes.

Secondly, I make this packing list for my vacation. I make my packing list by looking at other packing lists online and take some stuff from each one that I could use. This way I won’t forget anything.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.32.05 PM

I like to pack in categories, so I start with shorts and I take out all my shorts from my closet and make two piles. First pile has all the shorts that aren’t coming with me, and the other pile is for shorts who have a shot at coming or I know are coming. Then I take my second pile and take out all shorts that I know I won’t use. This leaves the shorts that I am bringing and I pack them in my Eagle Creek packing cube. I keep doing this with all my categories.IMG_1562IMG_1563

My major tip for packing is to buy the packing cubes from Eagle Creek because they save so much space in your bag. I bought them a year ago and use them every time I go traveling and I can bring so much more to my trips. Also, you should listen to music and this will make you more productive. I put on different playlists that I have been loving and I sing along while packing.

After packing everything, this is how my bag looks like. In one part I have all my shirts, dresses, skirts and things like that. In the other department, I keep my bathing suits, jeans, shorts, underwear and hoodies. IMG_1568

The problem after packing is the mess I left with all the clothes I didn’t pack. However, I find it easier to put them back because its less clothes to put back then before. Therefore it is cleaner in your closet. This is basically how my room looks after just sorting my shirts and shorts.IMG_1564

Saying Goodbye

Since a lot of friends of mine are leaving, I though what unique ways are there to say goodbye to them. Therefore, here are some ways to say goodbye to a friend;


  1. Karaoke- even if you’re not that into singing, it can be fun
  2. Shopping- very casual but if you have a positive attitude, it will be more special
  3. Spa- girly and gives you time to talk
  4. Movie Marathon- A nice memory and cozy
  5. Dinner- This gives you time to speak and say goodbye

All of these can be very fun to do with any amount of friends, and although it is casual it is very fun.


  1. A card- it might not be a lot but it does have a lot of meaning
  2. A diy gift- you put a lot of thought into it and make it personal
  3. A kit- this can be a kit of things you know that the person likes
  4. A picture of you two- this can bring back their memories with you when they miss you
  5. An artwork- my friend drew something for me once, and it was amazing and shows that you put your time into their gift

There are so many people who you will come and go in your life, and even more so if you live abroad. At least one of my close friends leave each year. Of course you will be sad and you might want to do something for them to thank them and let them know you care. I hope you liked these tips although they are super simple. Anyways, adios!IMG_4634 IMG_4639 IMG_4641 IMG_4632

These are just some pictures from today, when Ebba and I planned a day with our friend Olivia. We started out eating at a Thai restaurant. After that, we went around just shopping a bit. Lastly we sang karaoke for two hours. Although it was very casual, it seemed as if she enjoyed it. All in all, you can make anything special by just having the right attitude!