Hero of War


Most of the time, I have one song constantly stuck in my head, and it usually depends on my mood, and life at the time, and I just thought I would share which one I cannot stop thinking about. “Hero of War” by Rise Against is one of those songs that I cannot get tired of. I heard it for the first time this August at my camp, and at first, I only listened to the lyrics and notes, and realized what sad message it had, but I knew that I liked that about it. I downloaded it on spotify after camp, and I haven’t stopped listening to it. In fact, I sometimes put on the karaoke and connect my mic and just sing it since I like it so much, I want to learn to sing it well. You may never have heard of this song, in which case, I want you to listen to it with an open mind before you read the rest of this, and do NOT watch the music video, it ruins your imagination. My favorite part of the song is the last chorus;

A hero of war

Is that what they see

Just medals and scars

So damn proud of me”

It clearly shows the idea that everyone has about the people who fight in the army. People who haven’t been in the army, don’t understand what those have been, have been through. Wars usually cause most people who have fought in the army to have severe physical and mental damage. This song truly describes the reality of the soldiers. It reminds me of the poem, “Dulce et Decorum est” written by Wilfred Owen during World War I, but it reached me in a much deeper level. The quote, “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” means “It is sweet and glorious to die for one’s country”. In the song “Hero of War”, the chorus goes;

“I’ll carry this flag

To the grave if I must

Because it’s a flag that I love

And a flag that I trust”

This demonstrates the brainwashing soldiers have been put through during training. They are taught to do anything for their country and for the greater good without question or thought. In the beginning of the song, the soldier takes pride in his boots, and his shaved head, but towards the end, he has changed his idea of how soldiers have it. Also, it ends with a repetition of the first sentence, to help audience reflect over the song, and his experience. Overall, this message is so important to everyone, and I hope this song reaches a lot more people because it is beautiful.




My 2K16 Summer Playlist

So, I am kind of late right now with my post, so I thought I would just share my Summer 2K16 playlist since today I got some compliments for it. I hope you guys like the songs as much as I do.



Spring Playlist


Since tomorrow is spring break for a lot of us, well at least in my school… I thought I would share my spring playlist so that you have something to listen to:-) Some of the songs are from Eurovision Song Contest but many of my spring favorites are on other playlists as well so feel free to check my Spotify account out.



Never Forget You

I don’t know why, but these are just some of the many songs that give me the feels when I see their music videos. It’s just so emotional to see how they loose someone or even loose themselves… I think its so passionate when its music and a visual together because it really lets you put yourself in their position. Anyways, I just thought this would be a little update, and although most of these songs are quite old, they have a great meaning behind them.



Some Favorite Songs At The Moment

So just this morning, I added some songs to my Spotify playlist (which you can find by clicking HERE) I just got kind of bored listening to the same music over and over so I added these songs and literally listened to them all day. I think they are really calming but still fun to listen to. For people who just started reading my blog, you should know that I love music and that music for me, makes the world a happier place. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, music will always make it better. So I just wanted to share the songs that I have been jamming out to today. Enjoy!