Day to Night Look

Day to Night Look


Boohoo strappy maxi dress
¥2,645 –

LE3NO tailored jacket
¥2,975 –

Stuart Weitzman patent leather sandals
¥40,725 –

Converse white low top sneaker
¥6,020 –

Givenchy grey tote bag
¥195,950 –

Clear quartz jewelry
¥6,920 –

Statement choker necklace
¥480 –
Today, I thought it would be great to show you guys how to make a simple day outfit, into a night outfit. My favorite summer dress is a black maxi dress, therefore, I tried to corporate that with this post. You can style this both up and down which is why it leads to a night outfit.
Starting the day off by covering yourself in a denim jacket, and white converse. I think this is quite the casual look, and suits great for a day in the city. Then towards the night, putting on some of your favorite jewelry-even something as easy as a necklace! In this case, I decided it would be good to wear a statement necklace over a basic dress. This creates the illusion that it is much more fancy than it really is. Changing to high heels emphasizes this, as well. The purse can be both day wear and night wear due to its plain color and classy feel. All in all, I think this is a great day outfit that can be made into a night outfit if you’re on the go.

First Day Of School


Yes! Today was my first day of freshman year. Can you guys believe that I am in high school? I still feel like a 6th grader, haha… Anyways, today we had a day where we just went to our classes, and learned about what we were going to be studying this year. It seems like I will learn a lot. Tomorrow is first volleyball practice, which also seems exciting! I am going to run for class president, I think… I really think it could be entertaining and educational. I am so excited for the school year!

I was sitting on the plane on the way here, and my heart was beating so hard due to how nervous I was to start school again. Worried that I would have nobody. Furthermore, after making so many friends this Summer, it was hard to leave them all. I had such an amazing Summer so it felt like my world was tearing down when I had to leave it all behind. I am truly thankful for every second, and person that I spent my time with this summer! I will post better blogposts, but right now I am so jetlagged that I can barely think…





“Beauty is Pain”


“Beauty is pain” is something people have told me my whole life, to the point when I say it as well. I just now started thinking about the meaning behind this phrase. Is this really a phrase that young adolescents should grow up with, and live by? Is this affecting our society in different ways? Should beauty be defined by how much pain you feel to get there? These kind of sayings is the reason why society believes that wearing 6-inch stilettos, waxing your legs, and wearing spanx is beauty.

According to Global Market Inside Study, “Four out of ten individuals have either personally experienced an eating disorder or know someone who has.” This is a fact that I find quite interesting due to the fact that you experience pain as you have an eating disorder, but it is ignored, with the help of the phrase “beauty is pain”. We are told that we are never enough for society, and that you can self-harm to make yourself pretty. This is fascinating because our society has such a double standard. It tells us that make up, starving yourself, and heels are what makes us beautiful, but if you use it/do it, you are fake.

There are many days when I have felt unworthy due to the way I look, and this saying has simply helped me feel worse. Knowing that it’s okay to hurt as long as it shows your outer beauty, is not a motto that is worth living by. Therefore, it is time for our generation to change the way we look at life. “Beauty” is not pain, it is being a person who is caring and understanding. Beauty should not be based on appearance, instead on what kind of a person you are. In conclusion, we should change our outlook on life, and stop teaching children that “beauty is pain”.


Long time no see! Well, wrote… I am not sure what to say. So I was at camp like I said, and I am so frustrated that my Mallorca video still hasn’t uploaded one bit… My internet in Sweden sucks so please bare with me. I truly tried but it will be up when I get to Japan. I was going to write about camp, and all the experiences I had but it would take too long, and I think it’s best to keep some memories for myself. However, I thought about one word throughout the whole camp. Thankfulness. 

Thankfulness is something that most people forget about on a day-to-day basis. I love to express my positive thoughts to people, because it can really brighten up their day, and it’s always fun to give compliments. However, one thing I realized that many people don’t say, is that they are thankful for something or someone. I think people take it for granted sometimes that life is a specific way. I have made the mistake before to take someone or something for granted, and that’s when it hurts the most to loose it. Therefore I just wanted to make a small little thank you note to get me back again with my blog.

Thank you to all the people who I feel comfortable enough to share my secrets with. Thank you for listening and giving me advice. Thanks for baring with me although I get frustrated, or sad. Thank you for not judging my so hastily. Thank you to you guys who read my blog although I’m not very good at this thing with writing blogposts, haha. All in all, thank the world for the opportunity I have to live.