Prom Outfits

Prom Outfits


Long formal gown
¥16,135 –

Sheer back dress
¥7,630 –

Sweetheart prom dress
¥4,785 –

Chiffon prom dress
¥6,305 –

Christian Louboutin open toe shoes
¥140,760 –

Christian Louboutin black strappy sandals
¥121,845 –

Dolce&Gabbana black open toe pumps
¥74,115 –

Benjamin Adams high heel stiletto
¥43,395 –

Charlotte Russe high heel stiletto
¥4,005 –

BCBGMAXAZRIA special occasion clutch
¥20,920 –

L K Bennett white patent handbag
¥29,925 –

Natasha Accessories special occasion clutch
¥3,335 –
So, prom is coming up! I am obviously not going since I am in 8th grade, haha. However, I figured why not create some outfits for people who ARE going! I wasn’t completely sure how to style everything because everyone has their own taste. For example, some girls may not want to wear heels, therefore I had one outfit with sandals. Meanwhile, some may like shorter dresses, and some may like clutches. I didn’t really know, but maybe this will give you inspiration if you have yet to find an outfit! I think prom looks very fun, but I don’t know since I have never been.
PS. I am leaving for Italy and Sweden tomorrow, so posts will be European time.

Letter to My 18 Year Old Self

April 25th, 2016 

Yo Future Gry,

Umm… ok I don’t know how to address myself…

I guess you’re like 18 now or something 😉 I hope you’re doing well, and that you are still doing things that you enjoy (ex. writing, drawing, singing, etc.). If you are not, get off your butt and make a change!!! You are probably still in school… 12th grade… WOW! You are so close to college:-) Which one do you have your eyes on the most? I hope you choose one in which you balance both education with social life. A

You may remember what was occurring for you at the age of 14, but in case you don’t, I am here to remind you, haha. You have 730 amazing followers on this blog, and you have only had it for 11 months. You have 56 subscribers on youtube, and you have only posted nine videos. Your favorite class is English because you love expressing yourself through writing, but you also love choir because your teacher is the BEST! You are also devastated that he is moving. You have gone to Thailand for a fundraising for students there, which you thought was one of the most educational trips in your life so far.

You are going through a rough time every now and then, and I think you probably still remember why. You may have even shared it on your blog or youtube by now, but right now you are not comfortable sharing with anyone really. I hope you have learned a lot from all you are/went through in 8th grade, because I think it is important to reflect on your life. I guess life isn’t quite as fun in 8th grade due to the fact that there is SO MUCH DRAMA! However, that is usual in middle schools, and you hate that factor.

You enjoy going to school everyday because you love seeing everyone smile, and working on different projects. Of course, you still get stressed with all tests, but you enjoy it overall (except for how early you need to wake up). In general, you think you like yourself as a person, but you don’t know who you are yet. You are never afraid of being yourself, no matter how much others will think you are weird or crazy. Never forget how fun it is sometimes to just do random things like sing at the top of your lungs while dancing the macarena… haha. I guess you were pretty cool in 8th grade, and I hope you stayed this cool, haha.

Now let’s get real into the questions; Have you had a boyfriend yet? Do you get good grades? Are you still expressing your creativity on social media? What is your favorite hobby, and subject now? Why? What is your favorite song, and what meaning does it have behind it for you? Are you still a vegetarian? If not, why?




Q&A, Ask me stuff!

 So, I am going to film a video soon, and I wanna answer some of your questions. Therefore, you can ask me some questions on here, and I won’t approve the comments so nobody else will see the questions, and they will be anonymous. Or, you can ask me questions on my instagram @grynystr! I look forward to answering all your questions:-)



10 Books You NEED To Read

Okay, you may not know this about me, but I actually like reading… a lot. However, it has to be a great book which I can in some shape or form, relate to at least one character so I can learn. I find myself interested in a lot of books with a strong female lead, or at least involved in the book somewhere. I hope you guys like reading to, and if you don’t, maybe I can persuade you into liking reading if you read these 10 books.

  1. Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham- Great book with short stories from Lena Dunham’s life, and super inspirational.
  2. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky- You may have seen the movie, but the book is much better! The high school years of Charlie.
  3. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen- Such an amazing novel about a girl who never seems to get out her story, but meets a boy who always tells his story, and that can change her forever.
  4. Yes Please by Amy Poehler- Short stories from Amy’s life, and it is quite fascinating.
  5. I Hate Myselfie by Shane Dawson- Shane writes about how he grew up in high school, in a very comedic way.
  6. Looking For Alaska by John Green- Love the message of this book, and it is about a girl who loves mysteries so much that she becomes one.
  7. Grace’s Guide, The Art Of Pretending To Be A Grown Up by Grace Helbig- Hilarious guide about how to do many grown up things, and child ones.
  8. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton- Amazing book about two gangs in a town in America, and seeing the perspective of a boy in one gang.
  9. Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer- Novel from a teenage girl’s perspective when the world suddenly shuts down.
  10. Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart- Near-future dystopian New York, where everything is determined through media, and the book is written in a 40 year-old man’s perspective.

I hope you all enjoy this list and that you actually try reading some of these because I truly enjoyed them.



Japanese Beauty Products

Here is the first product, which honestly, I just thought was really cool so I bought it for more than the reason that it is Japanese, haha. I have to be honest, I didn’t expect it to work but it TOTALLY DID! Which I am so happy about since I can now make any nail polish matte. However, one consequence of this was that the layers of the nail polish ended up SO thick. I just don’t think that looks very appealing but overall I give it a 3.8/5.

YAS! Teeth whitening for $15 is actually impressive. Yes the lighting is different in the pictures, and I didn’t see a difference in my teeth to be honest. However, I got SO MANY comments from different people saying that my teeth looked whiter so I mean, it must’ve had some impact I guess. I think that if this truly worked it gets a 4/5 but if it is just an illusion, 1/5 because it is fun to apply to your teeth.


I couldn’t really show a before and after picture because there is NOTHING to show! This product is really entertaining to just have since it is so unique. However, if you are aiming for a product that actually sharpens your features, then this is not the one you want to buy. I personally thought that it wasn’t hard until you did it for about 5 minutes or so, and even when you have done it that long, it doesn’t enhance any of your facial features… So I give this a 2/5 because I like the general exercise, haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post because I really enjoyed trying these products! Anyways, hope you have a great day!



Small Details


This is the first new detail in my room. Yesterday Ebba and I finally attached it to my wall, but I am still not fully done with this wall. I think it is so inspirational and I love to wake up to it since it allows me to start my day off with a good vibe. I bought it from, and I think it worked but it took two hours to put this up so I don’t think it was the easiest process. Anyways, I think this is a great new feature to my room.


OMG! I was so excited for this feature! I added it right before writing this blog post, haha. I have been wanting to take a trip with my best friend alone for a while now, but I am not sure if my parents will allow me due to the fact that I am only turning 15 this year. Therefore, I decided that if I raise the money myself, maybe they could understand that I am responsible enough, haha. You can probably tell that there is a mix of different kind of money such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese, American, but I will convert it all into one currency in the end and hopefully, it can take me somewhere. Also, it kinda makes me feel motivated since I have something to look forward to!:-)


Last addition to my room is this little fragrance thing which I do not remember what it is called specifically, haha. This is bought from Actus, and it is the Alphabet collection. There is no specific reason I chose the letter ‘A’ but I mean the smell was amazing! I think it smells like shampoo, which is a nice smell in my opinion. This gives a nice, fresh smell to my room and I think it looks classy as well. All in all, I am super satisfied with this, and I am excited for my room to smell like this.



Hawaii 2k16

 Day 1

Sitting there on the plane with my brother and mom, completely confused of what to expect for the vacation. All past vacations were with friends as well, so I didn’t know what expectations I should have. I didn’t want to be disappointed, even though there were so many amazing adventures ahead of me. I was finally going to Hawaii!

As we arrive at the hotel, we look out at the summer paradise. The hotel we were staying at was Sheraton Waikiki and it was beautiful. We checked in at 8 o’clock, but the room wasn’t ready so we walked around the streets in Waikiki. We decided to eat lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (which by the way has delicious shrimp with angel hair pasta). We walked around some more, until we found a hop-on-hop-off bus and we bought tickets and got on the bus just to look at the island of Honolulu. We then received our room in the Hotel, and got ready for dinner. The dinner was at PF Changs, which had good options, and I really enjoyed the food and service there. All in all, the first day was completed and ended up amazing.

Day 2

8:00 am, and it is already time to leave the hotel room. Diamond head was what we had planned to do in the morning. We get there and start hiking. A thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE hiking. I think it is a great way to just appreciate nature and kind of find yourself instead of following others. I just enjoy it a lot since nowadays, electronics are very usual to be on, so I take the chances to go outside as an amazing opportunity to be with nature. The view at the top was amazing, and the ocean looked beautiful.

After hiking, we drive around to find Hanauma Bay, which is super famous for snorkeling. Therefore, we go there to snorkel, but when we arrive, none of us really feel like snorkeling. We instead, lay by the beach and tan a bit. My brother then wanted to go to the hotel, so we drove back to Waikiki. We got ready for dinner, and ate at Red Lobster. Can I just say one thing? DELICIOUS FOOD!!!!!!

Day 3

Beach day:-) We drove around Oahu until we arrived at Lanikai Beach. Such nice weather, and wonderful time to get a tan. We relaxed by the beach until lunch time, which is when we decided to go to Taco Bell because my brother had never been before and I mean, it’s kind of a thing you NEED to try. I ate the cheese quesadilla because there weren’t a lot of options for me, but it was still delicious! After eating, we proceeded to drive around all of Oahu! This was just because we wanted to see everything:-) We saw the Dole Pineapple Farming as well, which was cool.

When we finally arrived to the hotel, we got ready for dinner. I wore a black maxi skirt with a black tank top to create the illusion that it was a dress. Apparently, I am not the only one with this outfit because that night, I think I saw about 13 people wearing the same outfit as me… I felt really basic but I mean, that means they have a good sense of style, haha. When we got home, it was time to sleep so we could wake up early the next day to be able to go see Pearl Harbor.

Day 4

5:00 is when I woke up, and we started heading towards Pearl Harbor. I was really excited due to the fact that I had seen the movie, and was interested in seeing how it was like. We started out by going to the Bowfin Submarine. It was so fascinating to see how everyone lived back then. We then continued to the Missouri Boat, which was HUGE! I started to think about how it must’ve felt as the people on the boat when they were being bombed. We then got on a small boat to take us to the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. It was breathtaking. I couldn’t even imagine being in the boat as it slowly sank. The panic going on in the heads of the brave men in there. It was very devastating to actually see the place where something so tragic occurred, but it was insightful.

We went back to the hotel room, and got ready to go to Ala Moana Mall. We went around, and found a bikini top, and a water bottle for me from VS and PINK, two shirts from Brandy Melville, and a bunch of products from Bath & Body Works. I was so satisfied with everything that I received. We then ate dinner at the food court, and I ate Panda Express which I think I got food poisoning from so… I mean… just saying. Then we went home and went to bed.

Day 5

Relaxing. I stayed by the pool until 12:00, and I listened to podcasts. I have four I recommend, for Swedes; Mathilda och Andreas Blogpod, and Frida Podden. Meanwhile, for English speaking people; Women Of The Hour by Lena Dunham, and Myths and Legends Podcast. All of these are amazing, and I listen to them so much because I learn a lot. We then go eat at The Cheesecake Factory again, and then start heading towards Blue Hawaii Helicopters. OMG! We were going on a helicopter around Oahu! It was amazing and so cool! I definitely think that it is something to try, and I loved seeing it so much:-)

We continued home, and then we ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. It wasn’t a very long dinner because when we finished eating, we were all pretty tired and exhausted since we hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep. We continued home, and went to sleep to be able to manage waking up early again the next morning.

Day 6

Last day:-( We wake up early and start driving towards the place where we were going to scuba dive and parasail. We get on the boat with about six other people, and we start heading towards the place with the turtles. My brother, mom, and I were in one group but my mom was taking too much time so she didn’t want my brother and I to only get a little time, so she decided to just snorkel instead. My brother, another girl, and I ended up being in one group. We saw so many turtles, and it was so fascinating to see all the fish and creatures in the water. I have always been a fan of being in the water, and this was just one of the many ways I can have fun in water.

After scuba diving, a boat picked us up from the boat we were on, and drove us to the parasailing boat. We got in the equipment to parasail, and then we sat down on the edge, and all of a sudden we were in the air. It was so cool, I could feel the wind in between my toes, and it was just so relaxing. We were so high up, and we could see the whole area around us (which was quite large). When we got down, it was time to head to the car again, so another boat picked us up and helped us get to the dock again.

We then went to the room and got ready for dinner. I was actually meeting a friend, Jayson, that used to go to the same school as me here in Japan. He was in sixth grade in Japan, then he moved to Hawaii, so we planned to meet at Ala Moana. We met at 4:30 pm, and got some TasteTea Bubba, which I really ended up liking. We caught up so much, and I am so thankful that I had the chance to meet him again since I missed him. I got some ice cream as well, and he got fries and chicken or hamburger, I do not know… Anyways, it was so nice to hang out with him.

My mom then picked me up and took me to the dentist which is where my brother, Patrik was. He had a huge pain in his tooth, so he went to the dentist and had to pull out his wisdom tooth. I felt so bad because it hurt so badly for him. After that, we all went home because nobody was really hungry, and we just went to sleep because the next day, we were flying back to Japan. Hawaii was so beautiful, and I am so satisfied and happy that I had the chance to experience all of these adventures! Hopefully you enjoyed this post:-)




Update for You All

 Guess who is back from Honolulu!? The video and travel blog post should be up by Thursday or next Monday. Furthermore, I have to tell you guys that I got a part in the school play:-) I got the role as a really rude girl named Natasha. I am really excited since the last time I did a school play was in fifth grade. Although, one thing you should know about me is that I LOVE acting, and it’s another creative outlet in which I can express myself. If you know me in person, you would also know that I am really loud, so I mean that can be a pro when acting, haha. The drama rehearsals will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after school, so I will be quite busy because I have softball on Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and dance on Wednesdays as well. However, all of them are entertaining activities so I am okay with being busy for the year.

Another exciting thing I wanna tell y’all is that in the end of the month of April, I will be going to Sweden for three days, and then Italy for another four days! If you are wondering why, I am about to tell you right now, haha. I honestly don’t know why I am going to Sweden, but I won’t question it because I am happy to go there, but I am going to Italy because of my dad’s 50th birthday party! I am still trying to find an outfit for this party but as SOON as I find one, you best believe I will show it to you guys because I am excited to find the perfect dress. I want to be super confident in it, and have it look great for a summer party. All in all, I am super excited.

It is only 10 more weeks until my school year ends, and within those weeks, I am going to Italy, Sweden, my uncle is coming with his girlfriend to Japan, and so is my brother. Therefore, I always have something to look forward to and honestly, that is the kind of life I want to have. One where I always can have something I look forward to. I recently found an amazing Instagram account which I HAVE TO share with you because it is just so inspirational. The two pictures at the top are actually from this account, but the name of the account is @mazinquotes. I really hope the account doesn’t mind me sharing their name for you guys, but I just really had to because I really love the pictures that I see on my feed due to them.