Wakasawan 2K15

12075054_1104728379539026_8551420035884732221_n12042989_1104729846205546_2551666801434407496_n 12038309_1104729509538913_1784432237842763200_n 12036844_1104727179539146_2469335721963654569_n 12079525_1104726346205896_2337360203944696407_n 12039724_1104729492872248_5081602799136414138_n 12032133_1104729302872267_6472685041388997662_n 12043031_1104726852872512_9114187928067594870_n 12033180_1104727146205816_6042339059771737676_n 12049170_1104728062872391_8923409365635868170_n 12036691_1104729869538877_1795764370167698373_n  12032086_1104728319539032_8467148303991616736_nSo in our school, we have a trip for three days in the beginning of the year to get to know all students in middle school. There are three destinations that you can go to, Wakasawan, Green Echo and Awaji. I went to Green Echo last year and we went hiking and did other activities. It was probably the most fun trip although I have only been on two. This year I was going to Wakasawan which is in the southern part of Japan. I was roomed with Chae Young, Sawa and Haruki. The people who were on the same trip were very nice as well, so that made the trip even better. Ebba was on the trip as well so I was very happy.

When we arrived after the three hour bus ride, we started getting our room ready and ate lunch. Since I am vegetarian I brought my own food for the cafeteria there to make but I didn’t like the food anyways. When we were settled, we had to build rafts out of the material they provided. It was quite simple since they gave us the base and the rope… but it was still great team building. We were in different teams and we used all of our skills to make it work. When we got on I realized that my skin was too sensitive for the water there because the water had too much salt or something, so I had to get off the raft and sit by the beach instead. When everyone had gotten off, we had some beach time and just talked to each other. Then we ate and practiced for the next days talent show. That is when the teachers asked me to gather a team to sing so we could show what people could do for the talent show… We sang shake it off. We just had to improvise on what song to sing so that was the one we ended up singing.

Waking up the next day was horrible because the beds were so horrible and hard so I had slept very uncomfortably. The first thing we had to do was Japanese stretches and then eat breakfast. I was too tired to do anything but it was okay since I had my friends there. That day we were going cutting (type of boat). It was very fun however it was raining so it was also cold. Later, we went on a hike which was my favorite part because I love hiking and the view was magical! I really think it was the highlight of my trip. We also did some lab experiments on the water there to find plankton but nobody found any in the microscopes. That night, we had the talent show and I was the MC which is the person who announces everything. I did that with another girl named Yumi. The talent show was a blast because many people were doing comedic acts. Nobody won because we didn’t want to choose winners but everything was about having fun and I think everyone was happy about it. T

The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast and cleaned up. The people who had to clean the toilets were Sophie and I. I was so scared because I am really not the kind of person who ever likes public toilets so cleaning them was even worse. I managed although I was almost puking. In the end, I think it ended up okay so I was satisfied. When we got on the bus, I sat next to Ebba and we were so tired so we slept the first 20 minutes, but then we talked with the rest of the people. In the middle of the bus ride, we had a stop to eat lunch and go to the bathroom. I ate potatoes because it was the only vegetarian thing I liked. Ebba and I sat with the teachers who are honestly so fun because they are very funny to talk to. We then got on the bus and then we hung out and sang and stuff… All in all, the trip was amazing and I got to know the seventh graders better although I am not in their grade.




Never Forget You

I don’t know why, but these are just some of the many songs that give me the feels when I see their music videos. It’s just so emotional to see how they loose someone or even loose themselves… I think its so passionate when its music and a visual together because it really lets you put yourself in their position. Anyways, I just thought this would be a little update, and although most of these songs are quite old, they have a great meaning behind them.



Gossip Girl and Spa

Since we are free from school today because its a Japanese holiday, Ebba and I decided to have a sleepover. So at four o’clock about, she came up to my house, and we were supposed to go to the gym but she had already gone… It felt weird not going to the gym but I will go again on Sunday. When she came here I had an idea of having a foot spa and just watching gossip girl. We are both obsessed with Gossip Girl and I’ve seen it like 1000 times, haha. No but seriously… Anyways, we sat on my balcony and just started from the beginning of Gossip Girl. We watched like seven episodes but we will have something to watch now for the coming months.

For our nails, we painted them in the color Blanc by Essie, and I painted my hands in Sand Tropez by Essie. I think these colors are really classy and I always feel very fresh when I wear them. I know it sounds ridiculous but its true…

When we were watching Gossip Girl, we were being really childish in a way because we chose which person we would be in the show. Haha, I decided to be Serena Van Der Woodsen, she is just so pretty! I really love Blake Lively, she is such a great actress. I also realized, Jenny Humphrey is supposed to be FOURTEEN in the first season! That is just crazy to me! She is supposed to be my age!

When I woke up this morning, my mom came in with breakfast for both Ebba and I so that was super nice, and then we ate and watched more Gossip Girl. It feels so nice being in bed until you actually feel like getting out of bed. Later today, Ebba’s family and I are going to a garden to celebrate her dads birthday.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my day and sorry for only posting boring posts lately but my blogging journal was left with my friend in Italy so all my ideas are there… But I promise better posts will be arriving soon!IMG_3147 IMG_3148 IMG_3157 IMG_3159 IMG_3170 IMG_3173 IMG_3181 IMG_3183

Small Shopping Day



Sport pants- $14.90

Socks- $7.90

Black Comb- $1.90

Foot Care- $1.90

Tights- $9.90


Sweater- $24.90

So today Jiwoo and I went shopping in a big city near where we live. We went into the stores we usually go into such as, H&M, Bershka and Forever 21. There are three more things that I bought, but they are birthday gifts for my two brothers, Patrik and Pontus, and Pontus’s girlfriend, Chiara. All of their birthdays are in October but since I live so far from them I have to buy the gifts for them now so my mom can take them with her when she goes to Italy soon. Obviously, since the other stuff that I bought are presents, and the people who they are for read my blog, I can’t show it on here.

As for the other pictures, Jiwoo and I took a parikura and we saw some guy who everyone was taking pictures of and fan-girled over so we assumed he was famous. We did what anyone else would do after that, take pictures of him and say we met a celebrity. Haha… Yeah that’s our life… We ate lunch at a place called dessert bar and I wouldn’t call our ‘lunch’ a lunch since it was shaved ice with some flavoring and cookies or fruits. However, it was filling…

After shopping, I went to the gym for an hour and then went swimming. It was quite nice to have a plan set for gymming. Many people see going to the gym as a boring thing but I honestly think it’s really fun and refreshing. I plan everything around going to the gym because I will not skip it. Anyways, hope you enjoyed your day! Bye!

Watermelon Time

IMG_2978 IMG_2976 IMG_2980

Today after school, I had hip hop dance with some friends. It was a new instructor and honestly he was really good. After I got home from the humid climate and almost dying of how warm it was, Ebba and I went to my house and got out some watermelon. We have been doing this for like a week, but all we do is just lay down, eat something, and watch youtube videos and read blogs. I think its so nice just to be able to have those moments with your best friend.

Also, some of my readers have asked me to name the prices of everything I buy in hauls so that they could compare to other items and stores. I took this feedback and from now on I will write the prices of everything I buy in my hauls. Anyways, I hope thats okay with most of you:-) Adios!

Ebba’s Birthday Dinner

IMG_2841 IMG_2857 IMG_2860 IMG_2862 IMG_2960 IMG_2965 IMG_2863 IMG_2855

So this Saturday, was Ebbas birthday celebration although her birthday was in August. Anyways, so after volleyball Ebba and I started to get things ready for her dinner. When all of the guests arrived we took some selfies and then started eating our dinner which was a pasta sallad. Ebba also prepared some activities for us all to do which I would definitely recommend for those of you who are having a get-together with some of your closest friends. We started the dinner off by flipping over our name cards place cards where Ebba had written a task for each one of us to do through out the dinner and in the end we guess what each others tasks where. After dinner we went inside to have a candy tasting competition, and a trivia about Ebba. Both of those competitions were won by my team;-P Then we had some delicious dessert which was a Swedish brownie. Almost by the end of the dinner, we took out my camera and took some pictures of each of us with Ebba which are presented above. I think the pictures turned out pretty good and I really like the white background and flash. All in all, I think that the whole dinner was just wonderful and I think it was super fun!:-)

Back To School Outfit Ideas- Dress Code Appropriate


This outfit is great for those who want to look very preppy but at the same comfortable. The shirt is from Abercrombie & Fitch. My skirt and shoes are from Forever 21. Lastly, my purse is my moms from Louis Vuitton. IMG_2746 IMG_2747 IMG_2742

This second outfit was put together by Jiwoo and she really aimed for casual-chic look. It would be perfect for those who want to be casual but still look somewhat cute. Her shirt is from Forever 21, as well as her cardigan. Her jeans are from Hollister and shoes from Adidas.

IMG_2801 IMG_2822 IMG_2818

This third outfit is more of a rocker-chic. I wore a pair of long shorts (for dress code) from a store in Guam. I paired these shorts with a black tank top from PINK and a flannel from Forever 21. My sneakers are from Converse. And if its hot outside you can tie the flannel around your waist.

IMG_2761 IMG_2767 IMG_2762

This last outfit is more if your dress code is less strict or if you don’t have one. Jiwoo paired a pair of black shorts from Brandy Melville with a shirt from Hollister. The sandals are from Steve Madden. If you wan’t to be comfortable but still cute then this is the outfit to go for.

Formal Dinner

Formal Dinner

Moschino black sleeveless cocktail dress
¥51,540 – farfetch.com

Patent pumps
¥95,305 – giuseppezanottidesign.com

Salvatore Ferragamo black crossbody handbag
¥173,820 – bloomingdales.com

GUESS gold tone jewelry
¥3,355 – guess.com

JFR yellow gold jewelry
¥2,565 – nelly.com

Michael Kors steel watch
¥35,965 – monnierfreres.com

Trina Turk LA yellow gold jewelry
¥6,955 – amazon.com

Bare Escentuals mineral powder makeup
¥6,975 – nelly.com

Matte finish lipstick
¥720 – milanicosmetics.com

Hair styling tool
¥3,820 – kokocouture.co.uk

Essie nail polish
¥1,470 – boots.com
Hola! Since, I have a lot of events coming up this month, even more so this week, I thought I would make this set with some formal attire that I think would look good. I’ve been really into black dresses because you can style them up and down. I also am in love with the nail polish. I have it at home and use it every single day! It makes me feel so classy and fresh. Although, all of the things are pretty expensive they look great together. All in all, hope you have a great week! There is a fun post coming up soon so keep checking my blog out!;-)