Coachella Lookbook 2K16

IMG_5237Coachella is coming up soon!!! ARGH!!! April 15th is the start of the first weekend. I am unfortunately not going, but I am in love with Coachella. I really want to go, but I am so far away… Anyways, I gathered two more people; Ebba, and Ebba, haha. One is the Ebba that you all know, and the other Ebba is her best friend who is visiting from Sweden. Just have to say, it is 43 degrees fahrenheit here, when we took the pictures so I mean, you have to give us credit for this, haha.

So, the first look will be shown by Ebba. She is wearing her Brandy Melville dress with a floral pattern. Since it’s super hot at Coachella because it is in the desert, then a dress would be very comfortable but still gives a breeze kind of. She then paired this with her white shoes, and flower earrings. She is wearing two flash tattoos, both from Bershka, and if you want to see how much they were, you can check my last post by clicking here. Ebba then wore her black H&M triangle bikini, because as I said, Coachella gets warm, and it may be more comfortable with a bikini. All in all, this outfit looks very nice, and more formal than usual Coachella outfits.

The second look will be shown by the other Ebba. She is wearing a Bershka crop top with a pair of black shorts from Volcom, and a pair of white sneakers. Ebba is the one with the hand to the left (blue rings), and this goes great with her outfit and her Forever21 necklace. She went for a yellow, strapless bikini from H&M as well. Since her outfit is black and white, she paired it with more colorful jewelry like I said above. She also applied two flash tattoos from Bershka, to make it more Coachella themed. All in all, this outfit looks so good, and I love how the flash tattoos just put the whole outfit together.

The last outfit will be shown by me, haha. I paired my floral croptop from H&M, with a pair of high waisted shorts from Forever21 and green Stan Smith Adidas shoe. They go very well together because they give off a very boho look. The crop top is actually from last years Coachella line at H&M (I was obsessed with Coachella last year). I wore a pink and orange bikini from New Yorker (to see haul of that bikini, click here). I paired my outfit with a pair earrings from Bershka, and cateye, black sunglasses from Forever21 because your sunglasses will probably break, so I would only bring cheap ones. I also have two flash tattoos, one by my collar bone and one on my wrist, shown above (picture of second outfit, and I am the hand to the right). The flash tattoos didn’t quite stick out for my outfit but they look good anyways. In conclusion This outfit looks very rocker-chic but still a bit boho, and I am very satisfied with how it turned out in the end.

Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed this post because I was actually very excited to write this lookbook. I just love Coachella, and wish I could go so bad!!! Hope you have a nice day.




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