Always On The Road


YO! Last time I posted, I was just back from Barcelona, and now I am just about to leave for Italy. Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Italy. Then on Saturday, I will leave for Mallorca with Alex!! I am so excited! Then I have one/two weeks in Stockholm, then I leave for Confirmation camp for three weeks. Then I only have three weeks of Summer left. I haven’t seen my dad for almost 1 and a half month… and I miss him so bad… He is still in Japan working, so I won’t see him for another 1 and a half month:-(

Another new thing is that I have started walking my neighbors dogs. I love them as if they were my own, which makes it even more entertaining to walk them. The only thing I do not enjoy is picking up their manure, but it’s worth it. I can’t wait until our family buys a dog again. I miss our little Chanel, but I think I am ready to buy another one since she will always be in my heart. Anyways, I have a huge headache, so I better go take a pill for it.