Broken Phone?

Photo on 12-4-16 at 9.14 PM #2.jpg4-up on 12-4-16 at 9.14 PM (compiled).jpg

So this past Saturday, my phone decided to just break down. It had 90% and it just shut down and wouldn’t charge. So my family and I went to the apple geniuses for help, but they said to come back today. My mom went back and now my phone is completely cleared off. 3000 pictures from all my experiences from 2016 are all gone forever. So all pictures from Hawaii, Spain, Italy, camp, China, and Bali are completely cleared off the surface of earth and I am internally crying… All my notes are also gone which includes my songs, poems, caption ideas, wifi passwords, and a short story… But life goes on, and I just need to suck it up… I know it shouldn’t be such a big deal but for me, it’s pretty big… Anyways, while my phone was not repaired, I could only use my laptop and ipad for selfies so above are the outcomes of that…. hahaha, I looked awkward but I mean, whatever…




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