“Where Are You From?”


As most of you know, I am Swedish, but the truth is, I don’t identify as being from only one culture. Since I have already written about my perspective,  I decided to ask my friends, Philippa and Sawa, to write about how it is to be multicultural.


Background info on Philippa:


From: Northern Ireland and New-Zealand

In Japan for: 9 years

When people ask me where I am from, I never know how to answer. When I am travelling outside of Japan, I say I am Japanese. However, in Japan, if I said that, people would look at me in a questioning way, because I am not ethnically Japanese. In Japan, I have to give an answer in which I don’t completely relate to; I’m half Irish and half New Zealand. In my house, I have to incorporate different cultures into my everyday life. When I visit either Ireland or New Zealand, I don’t feel like I completely fit in. Although, it leaves me being confused of how to react to questions about my culture, I realize that I have learned tremendously about different cultures.



Background info about Sawa:

Age: 14

From: Japan

In Japan for: Life

Whenever I am talking to my friends in english in public areas, people tend to look at me suspiciously. I feel grateful that I am able to speak English as a Japanese since I get to communicate with people not just from Japan but around the world. On the other hand, I have never been to Japanese school which means that I do not know the Japanese manners, and I am not fluent in Japanese even though I am full Japanese. However, if I was raised in a Japanese school, I would probably not be able to be this outgoing and communicative as I currently am. Now that I speak two different languages, and I am able to use these languages in a lot of different places, especially english. I am also able to be more international which has helped me a lot in my life.



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