Why I’m One Of Those… Feminsists

I’m a feminist? What?? Yes, I am, and I am proud to be one. I’m a feminist because:

  • Guys get called king if they have sex, meanwhile, girls are called sluts
  • 1/3 women are assaulted, and society still asks what she was wearing
  • Male victims of sexual assault aren’t acknowledged
  • Catcalling, and street harassment has become something I’m used to now
  • When I talk about sexualization and objectification, people laugh
  • Body ideals
  • I didn’t tell my mom about my body being sexualized in school until 3 years later because it made me ashamed
  • Shaving is considered optional as a man but mandatory for women
  • Men occupy rungs of every industry
  • When I take on a leadership role, others call me bossy
  • Men are more likely to receive the job even if they are less qualified
  • Women in revealing shirts get nearly 70 more interviews than women in conservative shirts
  • Women only earn approximately 78% of what a man earns in the same exact position
  • When I was in 1st grade, I was told I couldn’t like the color blue because it was a “boy color”
  • The worst word in the English dictionary is considered c*** because a female’s body part is so disgraceful
  • Students are taught that abstinence is the only way to be respected by men
  • People still tell each other to “Man Up” or “Stop being such a girl”
  • People still say that bisexual, transexual, and asexuals don’t exist
  • Same-sex marriage should be considered just as important as opposite-sex marriage
  • Women of color, and LGBTQ people still barely get their story told on camera
  • I don’t want to have to walk around with pepper spray and keys in between my fingers
  • Dress codes are stilled enforced because our bra straps may be distracting faculty and students
  • A kindergardener got sent home because her skort was too short, and was distracting her teachers
  • Child marriage is still a thing
  • 65% of Brazilians believe that if she was showing skin, she was asking for it
  • There are still countries that don’t allow women to drive or vote
  • Sex trafficking is still common all over the world
  • People still joke about rape
  • We are all equal, and one race; the human race
  • When I try to stand up for people’s rights, I get considered annoying, and like I am over-reacting
  • I don’t do my makeup, or dress up for anyone but myself
  • No means no
  • My friend had to change schools because guys were harassing her for being a feminist
  • Feminism isn’t about hating all men
  • Men are told not to show emotion
  • Society still teacher girls not to get raped rather than teaching people not to rape
  • Fathers have less time for fraternity leave, and people consider them as babysitting if they are alone with their child
  • Many rapists still don’t get punished for the crime they did
  • When a rape victim committed suicide, the court dropped her case against the rapist
  • I am a feminist because equality

These aren’t all of the reasons but I hope you get a general idea.




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