5 Things to Look For In A Friend

Yo! So hopefully, we all have a specific kind of criteria when you become friends with people, to make sure that you are being treated well. Well, these are 5 of the things I like to make sure my friends have/are.

  1. They need to be liberal and feminists. I am not saying I hate people who aren’t liberal, just that I find myself getting stuck in debates a lot if the person who I am talking to doesn’t agree with me. I am super hard core for equality, so I need someone who agrees with me in that way.
  2. They shouldn’t be judgemental. If someone talks in a way where they seem too judgemental of people, then I usually try to refrain because that could mean that they could talk about you as well.
  3. They should make time for me. This sounds very selfish but it is actually pretty reasonable. People who actually like you, will make time to hangout with you/talk to you, or at least attempt to talk to you.
  4. It should be a conversation that flows when you talk to them. The topics that you could talk about could be endless, or possibly slim to none, but even when you don’t speak it feels natural like you don’t need to fill in the silence.
  5. Everything should be more fun with them. I could be doing nothing, but I would be doing nothing with them and that would be fun. It could be just sitting in separate places of the room, and doing completely different things, but still enjoying it more than being alone.

These are just some of the few things I look for in a person I meet/am getting to know. I obviously don’t do this completely consciously, but I do find a pattern of what I am usually drawn to, and it’s always the people who give me positivity in my life. Hope this helped if you were trying to figure out something in your life, but obviously your criteria could be COMPLETELY different than mine.




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