Travel Destinations



I am going here for a family vacation in October to celebrate my brothers, and my birthdays! I am super excited since it’s been so long since last time we all went somewhere new for a vacation since we all have different schedules. The pictures above are of the villa in which we will be staying, and I am so excited to be there since, it looks beautiful! There will definitely come a video of my trip there after I go.

New York

New York is a place where I have only been to once, which feels like ages ago since I was in third grade at the time. I was there for New Years with my family but one of my brothers didn’t want to go… I remember how much I loved the shopping, haha. However, I am sure I would enjoy it even more now that I know most of the shops there better. I hope to travel there soon again.

Los Angeles

The last destination is somewhere I have always wanted to go. I could totally imagine myself walking down Rodeo Drive, and just feeling relaxed. Having the beach near, and being able to hike up to gorgeous views. I have a dream of going there sometime with my friends or family, it seems so dreamy. For those of you who are American, or live there, I probably sound ridiculous but consider this all for a typical Swede’s viewpoint… There is nothing better than a place where it is hot, haha (at least for me).




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