How to Cure Being Homesick

Homesick? Well, here are some tips that have gotten me through my times when I miss Sweden or Italy.

  1. Facetime a friend from the place you miss- Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone from the place you miss to tell yourself that you’re still close, just not in distance
  2. SNAPCHAT- This is my saviour! I think this is the perfect way to keep in contact just to see what your friends are doing although you aren’t with them. My go-to app!
  3. Look through old pictures- Sometimes you need a little deja vu, and I do this just to brighten up my days.
  4. Express your feelings- Let the people you miss know that you miss them/appreciate them. Also, don’t be afraid to cry or take a day just to recover from the homesickness. When I just moved to Japan, there was one day when I couldn’t go to school since I missed Italy so bad.
  5. Find things you enjoy in place you’re in- Try to distract yourself by what is great about the place you’re in

These were just my tips that I could come up with, but I am sure there are so many more out there. We all go through a time when we are a little homesick, or miss a place or someone, but eventually you get through. Perseverance is everything.




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