First Day Of School


Yes! Today was my first day of freshman year. Can you guys believe that I am in high school? I still feel like a 6th grader, haha… Anyways, today we had a day where we just went to our classes, and learned about what we were going to be studying this year. It seems like I will learn a lot. Tomorrow is first volleyball practice, which also seems exciting! I am going to run for class president, I think… I really think it could be entertaining and educational. I am so excited for the school year!

I was sitting on the plane on the way here, and my heart was beating so hard due to how nervous I was to start school again. Worried that I would have nobody. Furthermore, after making so many friends this Summer, it was hard to leave them all. I had such an amazing Summer so it felt like my world was tearing down when I had to leave it all behind. I am truly thankful for every second, and person that I spent my time with this summer! I will post better blogposts, but right now I am so jetlagged that I can barely think…






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