Long time no see! Well, wrote… I am not sure what to say. So I was at camp like I said, and I am so frustrated that my Mallorca video still hasn’t uploaded one bit… My internet in Sweden sucks so please bare with me. I truly tried but it will be up when I get to Japan. I was going to write about camp, and all the experiences I had but it would take too long, and I think it’s best to keep some memories for myself. However, I thought about one word throughout the whole camp. Thankfulness. 

Thankfulness is something that most people forget about on a day-to-day basis. I love to express my positive thoughts to people, because it can really brighten up their day, and it’s always fun to give compliments. However, one thing I realized that many people don’t say, is that they are thankful for something or someone. I think people take it for granted sometimes that life is a specific way. I have made the mistake before to take someone or something for granted, and that’s when it hurts the most to loose it. Therefore I just wanted to make a small little thank you note to get me back again with my blog.

Thank you to all the people who I feel comfortable enough to share my secrets with. Thank you for listening and giving me advice. Thanks for baring with me although I get frustrated, or sad. Thank you for not judging my so hastily. Thank you to you guys who read my blog although I’m not very good at this thing with writing blogposts, haha. All in all, thank the world for the opportunity I have to live. 


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