Favorite Apps!


Hi! Today I will be writing a simple post about my favorite apps, to give you all some inspirations:-)

  • Pokemon GO- Catch pokemons in real life!!!
  • Omni- Get news flashes on the go:-)
  • Hollaback!- Seeing maps of where other people have been harassed verbally or physically to see unsafe streets.
  • DailyHoroscope- Whats my horoscope for the day? PS. I’m a libra:-)
  • Timetable- Writing down your school schedule on your phone, perfect for back to school.
  • Mustachio- This is just hilarious, and Jenna Marbles actually posted a video with this app in it. Download it and you will understand what it is;-)
  • I’ve Never- I played this a lot in the car with my friends in Mallorca because it’s great when you have nothing to do in the car.

That is all of my favorite apps, and you may notice none of them are typical social media apps because I already know everyone almost loves those apps. Therefore, here are some you may not have known about.




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