Airport Delay?

At the airport in Copenhagen, and to my surprise, the flight to Barcelona is delayed… Yay!! (Sarcasm) it was supposed to leave 4:45 but instead it leaves 8:15. We are overjoyed to have extra hours here at the airport (sarcasm again). Consequently, the delay of the flight means that I can’t upload my blogpost that I planned since I don’t have my computer with me as a carry-on. I hope you will be okay with this… I will tell you 3 activities I want to do when I am in Barcelona.

  1. Go to PortAventura
  2. Visit Catedral de Barcelona (La Sagrada)
  3. Visit National d’Art de Catalonge 

These activities would be so entertaining and mind opening. I would love to do these things and much more, but I would completely understand if it’s not feasible to complete all this in just a weekend. I will be taking outfit pictures each night so by Monday I will have an outfit post with all my evening outfits I wore in Barcelona ( which might only be two due to the fact that it’s a weekend trip…) However, I’m truly sorry that this post didn’t work out, but hope that’s ok.




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