The Stables

Yesterday my mom, her friend, and her friends step child (my friend), went to a horse stable to ride with a group. We did this a few years back where we rode horses for 6 hours, and then we stayed the night at the place. However, this year we went riding for one hour and a half, and then we went to eat lunch together. I rode on the horse named Kingstone, he was really beautiful. It was so nice to finally get back on the horse. 

Last time I went horseback riding was in 4th grade, so I missed it quite a lot. I have decided that I will get back into horseback riding in Japan. I just love the feeling of being able to just think about the horse and I when I ride. Forgetting everything else around me, and just being able to be with the horse. I remember when I went horseback riding in Italy, I had one horse that was my absolute favorite, Donkey Shot was his name. Donkey Shot was white with black spots. He was beautiful, and so amazing. He helped me when I was so afraid of galloping, but knowing I was riding him, helped me. All in all, I loved being able to meet my friend again, and spending time with horses.


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