Easy To Say Goodbye?

All of the above are pictures from the last day of school as a middle schooler.

So, I have had some experiences with saying goodbye to people throughout my years living abroad, and I have finally discovered the secret to make it easier. There are a lot of ways to make it easier, but this one is the most meaningful. The theory is, “if your friendship is strong enough, you will find a way to meet again.” This means that whatever obstacle there is between, you will make the effort to meet the person. I usually always cry for people leaving, but this year I found myself realizing how I’ll meet them again. Although, I did cry but the tears were more for the fact that I won’t be there everyday with them, but other than that, I knew we would meet. Usually the people you cry for, are the ones you make space and time to meet. 

Instead of spending time being upset about people leaving, spend the remaining time you have together. Organize a party for them, or perhaps just go out for dinner. The best tip I can give you is, if you really care about them, you can always meet again. Friends come and go, and sometimes they move apart from you, and perhaps that’s meant to be, but the best way to keep them as friends is to stay in touch. In conclusion, just remember to continue talking to those who you care for, because they are the ones who will stay with you, no matter the distance between you.




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