One Year On This Blog

Photo credit to Daniela F.
Hey Guys! It’s been one year and one day since I made this blog! Can you believe it!? I can’t! I really want to thank all of you for reading because it means a lot to me. Since it has been a year, I think it is time for me to tell you some more about myself.

  1. I have very strong opinions and I will debate with you if you believe opposite things
  2. I have a mini samurai sword in my vanity because I don’t know where else to put it
  3. I love korean candy!!!
  4. The most recent book I read was “Speak” which I recommend
  5. I save different souvenirs just for the memory, even though its something I should use like soap…
  6. I have had four blogs before this which all sucked, haha!
  7. One of them was in Swedish from when I was in first grade, so the grammar was horrible
  8. I am obsessed with the smell of clean laundry
  9. I suck at keeping up with the new generation’s lingo, so I have urban dictionary in my bookmarks on my computer in case I need to search something up
  10. My favorite episode of any tv-show is Season 10 Episode 18 in “Friends”, and this is from the moment I watched it in second grade
  11. I have a shelf in my room dedicated to Justin Bieber because I was such a big fan!
  12. I have a playlist saved just for when I write, and by now, I know all the lyrics to each song…
  13. I think poems are so nice and inspiring!
  14. I love rapping to songs even though I suck at it, haha
  15. Nicki Minaj speaks to me with some of her songs
  16. I love learning new things when I understand them
  17. I love to plan ahead of time (so I started planning for college in 7th grade…)
  18. My favorite book right now is “Just Listen” by Sarah Dessen
  19. I am a VERY picky eater, ahahah
  20. I think I may be like “That’s so Raven” at times…

Hope you learned at least one new thing about me!:-) I want to thank you again for all your support, and I love you all! I know it may not seem like I have a lot of people reading my blog, but a year ago I never thought anyone would read it. Hope you guys continue reading it. Love you!




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