Letter to My 18 Year Old Self

April 25th, 2016 

Yo Future Gry,

Umm… ok I don’t know how to address myself…

I guess you’re like 18 now or something 😉 I hope you’re doing well, and that you are still doing things that you enjoy (ex. writing, drawing, singing, etc.). If you are not, get off your butt and make a change!!! You are probably still in school… 12th grade… WOW! You are so close to college:-) Which one do you have your eyes on the most? I hope you choose one in which you balance both education with social life. A

You may remember what was occurring for you at the age of 14, but in case you don’t, I am here to remind you, haha. You have 730 amazing followers on this blog, and you have only had it for 11 months. You have 56 subscribers on youtube, and you have only posted nine videos. Your favorite class is English because you love expressing yourself through writing, but you also love choir because your teacher is the BEST! You are also devastated that he is moving. You have gone to Thailand for a fundraising for students there, which you thought was one of the most educational trips in your life so far.

You are going through a rough time every now and then, and I think you probably still remember why. You may have even shared it on your blog or youtube by now, but right now you are not comfortable sharing with anyone really. I hope you have learned a lot from all you are/went through in 8th grade, because I think it is important to reflect on your life. I guess life isn’t quite as fun in 8th grade due to the fact that there is SO MUCH DRAMA! However, that is usual in middle schools, and you hate that factor.

You enjoy going to school everyday because you love seeing everyone smile, and working on different projects. Of course, you still get stressed with all tests, but you enjoy it overall (except for how early you need to wake up). In general, you think you like yourself as a person, but you don’t know who you are yet. You are never afraid of being yourself, no matter how much others will think you are weird or crazy. Never forget how fun it is sometimes to just do random things like sing at the top of your lungs while dancing the macarena… haha. I guess you were pretty cool in 8th grade, and I hope you stayed this cool, haha.

Now let’s get real into the questions; Have you had a boyfriend yet? Do you get good grades? Are you still expressing your creativity on social media? What is your favorite hobby, and subject now? Why? What is your favorite song, and what meaning does it have behind it for you? Are you still a vegetarian? If not, why?





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