Small Details


This is the first new detail in my room. Yesterday Ebba and I finally attached it to my wall, but I am still not fully done with this wall. I think it is so inspirational and I love to wake up to it since it allows me to start my day off with a good vibe. I bought it from, and I think it worked but it took two hours to put this up so I don’t think it was the easiest process. Anyways, I think this is a great new feature to my room.


OMG! I was so excited for this feature! I added it right before writing this blog post, haha. I have been wanting to take a trip with my best friend alone for a while now, but I am not sure if my parents will allow me due to the fact that I am only turning 15 this year. Therefore, I decided that if I raise the money myself, maybe they could understand that I am responsible enough, haha. You can probably tell that there is a mix of different kind of money such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese, American, but I will convert it all into one currency in the end and hopefully, it can take me somewhere. Also, it kinda makes me feel motivated since I have something to look forward to!:-)


Last addition to my room is this little fragrance thing which I do not remember what it is called specifically, haha. This is bought from Actus, and it is the Alphabet collection. There is no specific reason I chose the letter ‘A’ but I mean the smell was amazing! I think it smells like shampoo, which is a nice smell in my opinion. This gives a nice, fresh smell to my room and I think it looks classy as well. All in all, I am super satisfied with this, and I am excited for my room to smell like this.




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