Things I hope To Do In Honolulu

 I am in Hawaii!! Here are some things that I wanna get to do when I am here and some things I already have done so far;

  1. Hike Diamond Head- SUCH a beautiful view!
  2. Go to Ala Moana mall- So many shopping options, and I am excited to go before all the stores have closed, haha.
  3. Paragliding- Fun adventure which I hope that my brother and I can do together.
  4. Scubadiving- Doing on Thursday with my mom and brother.
  5. Pearl Harbour- Great experience but a tip is to wake up early so you get tickets to go there.
  6. Get on the tour bus- Well, I basically just got on any bus that had an open roof so I could see Honolulu from the top of the bus, haha.

Those were just some adventures I want to do here in Honolulu, and as you can probably tell by the horrible quality photos, haha. The reason why it’s going to be horrible quality pics from my phone is due to the fact that I forgot my camera at home… Which I am sooooo upset about, but there is nothing I can really do about it… Haha… Anyways, hope you enjoy.




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