Spring Break Tips+Tricks


OH YAY! It’s finally getting warm enough out here to wear a dress! I am so excited, haha! Anyways, I thought I would share a few tips+tricks into having a good spring break.

  1. You don’t actually need to have a bunch of friends to go with. I am going to Hawaii with my mom and brother, and I am going to have fun even though my friends aren’t coming with me.
  2. Find different adventures. When we go to Hawaii, we are actually looking at going paragliding, scuba diving, visiting Pearl Harbor, and much more. Try to find new experiences.
  3. If you aren’t going anywhere outside of your hometown, you can try to experience your city from a different perspective. Go out and pretend you’re a tourist, and kind of just find experiences within your city.
  4. Pack light. I make the mistake to pack a lot, but lets be honest… you have like one bikini that you love the most, and one pair of shorts, and you can mix-and-match a lot.
  5. Don’t go overboard on the make-up. Your face needs time to breath so when I go on beach vacations, I always only do my eyebrows. It is just so nice not to have to put on make-up.
  6. Videotape your trip to see how awesome your experience was! I do this now all the time! It is a great way to document your memories.
  7. HAVE FUN! Live your life to the fullest and just relax!!!

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