Brothers, and Next Week

SO EXCITED! Next week, my youngest brother (21 years old), Patrik, is coming to Japan (he is the one that is in the selfie…)! In exactly a week when I get home from softball at this time, he will be here waiting for me:-) That’s one thing I love about not being able to meet your siblings all the time, you appreciate it more when you finally meet. The reason he is coming is because him, my mom, and I are going to Hawaii next Saturday, so you can expect a post about that after the trip! I am so sorry that this is going to be a boring post, but I have to take more pictures because right now I don’t have any new pictures taken or specific ideas for blog posts. I will try to find some better ideas, I swear. Anyways, sorry for the past weeks about how boring my posts have been. I promise I will get better as soon as I take some more pictures:-)




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