3 Things

3 things I look forward to

→Spring break with my bro and mom

→Softball practice tomorrow

→Dance performance in a month or so

3 things I like

→Talking to people who inspire me

→My family and friends

→Being in charge, haha

3 things I don’t like

→Rude behavior

→Fake friends who gossip

→Mushrooms and licoriceIMG_4906

3 thing I want

→Travel with my S.O. in the future

→Buy more casual dresses

→Tickets to coachella or any other music festival

3 things I should

→Find a different close gym that’s open for me everyday

→Text people/friends back more

→Cut out all fake friends

3 things I can

→Take a leadership role

→Adapt to people and places

→Plan things out

3 things I can’t

→Do good looking hairstyles

→Calm down…:-)

→Be quiet for a long amount of time

3 things I talk about a lot

→Funny experiences from vacations

→Women’s rights

→My future

3 things I wish

→Influence other people

→Hit 1000 followers on this blog

→Do well in school


3 things that make me calm

→Music and drawing

→To take long walks

→Hanging out with friends

3 things that make me stressed

→Math tests

→When people aren’t on time

→My future

3 things I am doing this weekend


→Softball game

→Go to the gym

3 things I’ve done this past week

→Attend meetings with teachers and a few students

→Started softball and continued dance

→Went to a coffee shop with Ebba


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