Favorite Memories from Favorite Places

Hälleviks Lägret 2014 with all my camp friends
Punta Ala 2015 with Maria Sole
Mallorca 2015 with Alex, Elvis, and Silvia
Ishigaki 2015 with Ebba’s family, and Lina’s family
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Thailand 2016 with Ms. Stephanie, Jiwoo, Lucie, Ebba, Amelia, Nina, and Philippa

So I have said this before, but I get really attached to different places, and trips that I have taken. I know it may seem ridiculous but it just seems to me that I miss all the places a little TOO much! I replay the memories in my head over and over because they make me feel alive. I just get such a great feeling remembering the fun I had and especially how my friends all were there. I realized that the places I miss the most, are the ones where I have met new best friends, or have old best friends with me because they make me smile every second of the trips. The trips that pop up the most in my head are from my camp called Hälleviks Lägret, two places I went this Summer called Punta Ala and Mallorca, a place I went during the Fall called Ishigaki, and where I went last month, Thailand. The pictures above are my favorites from each one of the trips/places, and the names are in order of who is in the picture (left to right). Anyways, I thought I would share my favorite memory from each of the trips;

  1. Hälleviks Lägret- I’m eating my dinner in the cafeteria just like everyone els, but I was smiling so wide. I was overjoyed knowing I had a whole week left of camp even though we had already spent a week there. Dinner ends, and all the girls from my lodge walk back to our lodge, and sit on the door steps and talk. That’s when our camp leader comes out and joins us. The sun is up and bright even though it was 6:30 pm, and we were all in a good mood. All of us just sit and talk about life until the sun sets, and I was just so relaxed because that’s when I felt the most at home because the people around me made my world that day.
  2. Punta Ala- Maria Sole, Enriqa, Stella (Maria Sole’s sister), and I are just about to get onto the banana boat. We jump on, and start heading out towards the deeper part of the beach. As we go, I regret my decision because I thought I would fall (which I did), haha. We start going faster and then all of a sudden, all I could feel was the wind blowing through my hair, and the water splashing up against my legs. Then we make another turn, and the banana boat flips over. We all end up in the water, laughing so hard because we didn’t know how to get back up. In that moment, I realized how great friends I have because we laugh at the smallest things just to make them more entertaining.
  3. Mallorca- I have so many great memories that pop up in my head from this trip, but the one that stood out the most was from the last night. Alex, Elvis, and Alex’s dad (Anders) were in the convertible on the way to a restaurant. I sat in the front seat, and Alex and Elvis were in the back. We turn on the radio really loudly, and the song “Heartbeat Song” plays, and we all just get an energy boost, haha. Alex and Elvis decided to get sit on the car (if that makes any sense)… I will show an image just to demonstrate how it was like… We all just sing along to the music, and just scream out the lyrics out of happiness. I swear that in that moment, all that mattered in the world was us (cliché, I know). IMG_7226.jpg
  4. Ishigaki Island- I remember everything so clearly, and all the memories we created but the last night, was hands down the best. We got invited to a special backstage crew dinner by one of the G.O.s, so Hampus (Lina’s brother), Hugo (Ebba’s brother), Lina, Ebba, and I all join them. We finish up our dinner, and then we head to the dressing rooms to get ready for the fashion show that they had asked us to be in. We go out on the catwalk, and work our outfits better than ever. After the show, we go watch a little show that the G.O.s had put on, and get our photo taken with the members. We then talk all night with one of the G.O.s named Ally. We learned more about her, and about life. I think it was super nice to just have fun, and feel like we were a new person instead of feeling like everyone already knew us.
  5. Thailand- This was obviously the most recent trip, so the memories are the clearest. However, it took me a while to figure out which was my favorite. I of course loved the ceremonies, and there was one point that was amazing, that I just was so emotional about which I will share in another blogpost maybe, but the one I will tell you now is from the last day. We sat in the bus, and I was talking to Ms. Stephanie, and then Jiwoo interrupts by asking, “Gry! Do you wanna sing “Umbrella”? I hesitate but of course I say yes. We start singing, in the most unserious way ever, and then the chorus comes and everyone in the van joins in. We sing to a few songs, and I think we must’ve been super annoying to Jeanie, and Moo, but we had fun and that must count for something. I’ll show a really quick video of us singing a bit because I know a lot of the girls from the trip want to see (I put it up a pitch in imovie, haha).



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