Ski Trips 2k16

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Hope you had a great time! Anyways, I kind of promised some people that this post would come up, haha ;-).

Basically, this Monday, all grades in Middle School travelled somewhere to ski. Our grade went to Zao (place up North of Japan), and we went there in 6th grade as well. Anyways, we had about seven chaperones, and they were all really fun so thats a pro of the trip. When we arrived on Monday, we changed into our skiing clothes and gear, and headed on to the slopes. I was on the advanced group with about nine more students the first day, and two teachers. We didn’t go to any black diamonds the first day, but we did have great skiing weather so it was quite fun. After we finished skiing, we went inside to the hotel, and relaxed a bit until dinner. I was put in a room with Jiwoo, Ja Yeon, Philippa, Isabella, Rina, Karen, and Lucie. We had so much fun just talking and getting to know each other better, since we couldn’t bring our phones we just talked.

After dinner, you could either night ski or chill inside. Ebba and I knew we were going to have time to ski later, so we stayed in and actually fell asleep in the room where everyone was hanging out. We woke up, and went to the Onsen (traditional bath in Japanese culture), and that is when we found out Izzy had fell on the slope and was on the way to the hospital. Fear filled my body because I wanted her to be alright. Luckily, she came back at about 11:00 pm, and Ms. Jewett knocked on the door to our room to let us know that Izzy was going to be alright. I was so worried for her after I heard what happened. Our whole room was overjoyed when she came back.

The next morning we skied the whole day. In the morning it was just Ebba, Nico, Mr. Chee, and I in the advanced group, and it was the most relaxing time because we could just kind of go in our pace, didn’t have to wait, and we didn’t need to squeeze everyone in one slope because we had space. However, after lunch, we had about 13 students and two teachers so it got a bit more crowded. After skiing we went inside, and ate dinner. There was no night skiing that night because the weather was so horrible, so instead we just all watched a movie, and then went to bed. Kind of relaxing actually. I think it was disappointing though that the weather was so horrible.

Last morning we woke up, and realized that this was our last day on the Middle School Ski Trip. It was also Philippa’s birthday, and not only this, but it was also Chae Young’s last day! When we had skied until lunch, then it was time to take the bus to the airport. We had about two hours before the flight left, so we ate dinner. I ate with Philippa, Ebba, Paulina, and Lucie. Then it was time to go to the gate. At the gate, I was talking to Ja Yeon, and we just had one of those deep talks and it was so wonderful to just connect like that. When we arrived to school again, the time was about 9:20 pm, and everyone started bursting into tears. We were all saying good bye to Chae Young, and I cannot explain how much I’ll miss her! I hope we stay in contact though. That was the end of the school trip, and then the next morning I was leaving to Hokkaido with my family, Ebba’s family, Lizzy’s family, and two other families.

We arrived at night, and all the families went to dinner together at the hotel. We talked about what happened on the ski trips since Lizzy was in another trip than Ebba and I because she is in seventh grade. We had a great time catching up, and then we went to the onsen together. Honestly, if you are ever in Japan, I recommend going to an onsen because it’s just amazing to see the culture of Japan. We then went to my hotel room and talked. The next two days, we just skied and ate dinner together at night. However, the last day of skiing, it was raining so we only skied until lunch, and then we went to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, Lizzy, and Fiona (a mother from another family) went to the onsen, and just talked and relaxed. That night all of the families ate a delicious last dinner together, and thanked Lena (Ebba’s mom) for organizing the dinners so wonderfully! All in all, it was two great ski trips, and I am so satisfied that I got the opportunity to spend them with people who I care about.


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