Life Abroad


I have lived abroad since 2008. Wow! It’s been 2, 720 days since I moved to Italy. I cannot believe how long time its been since I lived in Sweden… I just though I would share a little bit about how my experience is as an international girl. This may seem cliche but I have definitely learned a lot from it.

Ever since I moved, I have felt different whenever I am in Sweden. I didn’t know the directions to places, I spoke more English than Swedish, and I was never used to the public transportation there. I would have to have a friend with me wherever I was in public because I didn’t know where to go when I was shopping. I stopped talking to the people in Sweden who I was never really super close to. I couldn’t keep track of how many people I had in my life in Italy. The people who I knew, where from all over the world.

In second grade, I started understanding English better, so I made a lot more friends. That year, my best friend at the time moved. That is when I started realizing that this was going to happen every year now for the rest of my life. Every year my best friends would move somewhere different. I stayed in Italy, and saw how people passed me by. I practically grew up in Italy, because I have most of my childhood memories there. The school felt like my house, and the people who were in school felt like an extended family.

I didn’t start understanding how fortunate I was to have had the opportunity to live abroad until I was in fourth grade. I was in class and my wonderful teacher, Ms. T, was reading English literature for our class. I realized that I would never read those kind of books if I lived in Sweden. I wouldn’t have learned so much about Shakespeare, and other classical books. I have become open-minded to all these new cultures, and experiences.

I have become a lot more extroverted since living abroad. You may wonder how this works, but since I attended an international school, I didn’t have any other choice than to be an extrovert. I needed to make new friends each year, and talk to the new kids. I am now so much more extroverted than I would’ve been if I stayed in Sweden. You can ask anyone of my friends here, but if I want to go up to someone and talk to them on the street because they seem nice, then I will definitely do that. I can be the weirdest in public, and I won’t even care what others think because I know that I have made a lot of friends because of how weird and approachable I am.

I have received so many opportunities due to my move. If I never moved from Sweden, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t be writing this. I wouldn’t have gone to Thailand to help out. I wouldn’t have so many people that I love in my life. I wouldn’t talk as much as I do now. I wouldn’t be me. I am so satisfied with what I have accomplished so far in my life, and I am only 14, so I am looking forward to the other experiences that I will have in my life. I just wanted to take the time to write this, and thank all my amazing teachers, and friends that I have had the chance to meet throughout these years. I want to thank all of you, because I love you all. You made me into the person I am today



PS. I was having issues with my computer so my Thai post will come next week instead. Sorry! However, check my youtube channel out to see my other video that I posted today.


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