Questions of the Day


All pictures above are from a Thanksgiving dinner party

What do you need most right now? More than 24 hours a day so I can have more time to get things accomplished.

Right-handed or left-handed? Right-handed.

Piercings? Only on my ears.

Tattoos? Nope, I do not have any.

Height? 163 cm.

Shoe size? 37-38 in European size.

Freckles? All over my nose, haha.

Do you drink? No, I do not.

Anything in the refrigerator that you don’t like? Mushrooms, and a lot of other things… I am a picky eater.

Which shampoo do you use? Victoria Secrets shampoo, doesn’t matter which one, haha.

What perfume do you use? Tease by Victoria Secret.

What are you doing right now? Writing this post, texting and kind of packing for Thailand (when you are reading this, I will be there already).

What are you scared of? I have a phobia of spiders.

When did you cry most recently? Last Thursday because I watched a sad movie with my friends in Sweden.

Allergies? Some product in a body lotion I tried when I was little, hahah… I don’t know which product though.

Can you sing? I wouldn’t call myself amazing, but I am decent enough. I mean I enjoy singing a lot so I do it all the time, but I don’t think I am good at it.

Place you want to visit? Oh! I actually don’t have a specific place but if you check my post 21 Trips I Want to Take Before I’m 30, then you have an idea of where I want to go.

How does your dream-man look like? I don’t think I have an ideal right now, but I think I’ll know how my dream-man looks like when I see him, haha.




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