Winter Wonderland


I have exciting news! Haha, at least its fun for me to say them… I just wanted to let you all know that from now on I will post blog posts twice a week; Mondays and Thursday. I know it is not very exciting news but I thought I would let you know.

Today I am on a plane to Thailand with six of my classmates and one teacher. You may be wondering why, but if you saw my post from a couple of weeks ago, you would know. I am actually going there because our school has been doing charity work (raising money for children’s scholarships) and about seven 8th graders travel to Thailand to hand out the scholarships to the students. I think this will be both difficult but an educational trip. This is because, I will realize the different conditions that we live in and how we can all help make a difference. I am super stoked for this trip and I hope it will be a memorable experience.

I am actually writing this the day before you are reading this post, and I am writing both of my posts for the week today (Sunday) but setting a publishing time up, so it will be published 6:00 pm Japanese time on Monday and Thursday this week. Anyways, hope you all have had a wonderful break because I know I have, and I loved catching up with all my friends in Sweden.




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