Missing Her♡


Ok, only some people will have any idea about who the dog in this picture is. This is and was my dog Chanel. Unfortunately, she was run over by a car three years ago in August. I was distraught. I remember crying so much and to be honest, I still miss her because although she was rude to me at times, she was like my sister. I know it sounds ridiculous to people who haven’t lost a pet because it just seems impossible to understand the feeling. I still remember exactly how everything happened and that is the most horrible experience, seeing her on the road. The picture above was taken from the year she died, I was just going into 6th grade that Summer, so this was taken in 5th grade and Chanel was only turning three years old that summer. I just miss my “sister”… I would talk to her when I was home alone and scared and pretended that she understood. I just have so memories with her. All the cuddles when she had just woken up and when I was sick she would come and lay next to me. I wish she was here so I could talk to her again, like I used to.


2 thoughts on “Missing Her♡

  1. Such a cute puppy!! I had the same thing happen to a dog that I absolutely loved. I’m sorry you dealt with that:(


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