A Little Bit Of Everything



IMG_3562IMG_3523IMG_3552So its been a while since I really wrote on my blog about my life, so I thought I would just update everyone. Okay, there are a lot of amazing things happening in my life right now. As many people know, I am in the student body council in my school as a leader for a fundraiser called Thai Kids. It is about helping children in Thailand receive education, and each year a few of the eighth graders travel to Thailand to distribute the scholarships/money raised. Anyways, I was one of the students who was chosen to travel with some others and a teacher. I am super thankful because although it will be super eye-opening, it will probably also be an unforgettable trip and I will learn a lot. I have been working really hard to raise the money for them because it is such an important cause.

Recently, I have also been busy working for a choir concert that we had at my school and I think I did a great job with the help of the teacher and my friends who I was singing with. I sang one piece with Jiwoo, which was “Take A Bow” by Rihanna. I also sang a piece with Philippa and Ja Yeon, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” from Lion King. I think the whole concert was very successful and everyone did an amazing job!

I have also recently had a lot of summative assignments because it’s almost time for Winter break! So excited! I am going to Sweden and I can’t wait till I am with all my friends there and just catching up. I can’t wait to see my brothers! Not seeing your brothers in six months, is very hard for those who didn’t know… Especially since we don’t normally text because of age and time difference.

Although, there are wonderful things happening in my life, there are sad things as well. I just am getting more sad as Summer comes because I know a lot of my friends are going to move. I should be used to it by now since it has been 8 years almost of going to international schools, and people leave every year. However, it is the worst feeling each time, especially if it’s someone you are super close with or if it’s multiple of your best friends… That is the feeling I am expecting so I get sad every once in a while thinking about my friends moving.

So, that was a little update on my life and what has been going on. I think I am going to start posting consistently again soon. I am super sorry for always taking time, but it is quite hard to think of what to post but there are some exciting posts that you can be expecting 😉





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