10 Things That Make Me Happy

Since Fall is usually the time of the year when many people become stressed and depressed because of the weather, I decided that I wanted to share some things that make me happy during this time of the year. When I say this, I don’t mean family, friends and stuff like that, I mean some activities/actions that really help me realize the beauty of Fall.

  1. Making smores- I think that this is a great thing to do with a friend and just talk, although you get tired of marshmallows afterwards…
  2. Lighting a nice scented candle- This both helps you relax, and it smells amazing!
  3. Bringing tea to school- I have been doing this the past weeks and it is the BEST feeling ever to drink tea while sitting in your first periods of the day, and just relaxing.
  4. Making a list and crossing things our from it- I have many lists (homework, wishlists, and todo lists) and I love writing them so I know I haven’t forgotten anything, but I also love crossing the things out because its a feeling accomplishment.
  5. Biking to school/work early in the morning- Just listening to all the birds, and sounds of nature, and using this time to just think for yourself.
  6. Falling asleep to soothing music- It makes you feel safe and you can dream yourself away.
  7. Birthdays- I don’t know why but I get overly excited for both mine and other peoples’ birthdays!
  8. Helping others- I love seeing the happiness I can bring to others, and I am right now trying hard to help Thai kids receive education:-)
  9. Making new friends and learning about them- I love making new friends and just talking to them. I can talk for hours with people and especially if they are very talkative so we even each other out.
  10. Going shopping- I love just picking out different things that I want, even though I may not end up buying it, I like having the option to buy it.

Haha, okay so I guess that was ten things that make me happy and there are definitely more, but I’ll save those for another time. Anyways, have a great day and I hope you try or already do some of these things because maybe they can help you become happier as well.




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