Numbers Don’t Define You


As many of you know, I have grown up in the generation of electronics and internet. This basically means, I have a very clear understanding of how to work different social medias, and other apps. If you are not aware of the young Instagram model, Essena O’Neill, that recently gave up social media for a week and quit her job as a model. She realized that from a young age, she had always let numbers define her, whether it was weight, waist measurements, or number of friends. When she turned 16, she started becoming famous due to how great her Instagram pictures were, and she received a lot of job offers. As she grew, so did the amount of followers, likes and views she had, but her happiness didn’t grow. This is because she always wanted more of it all. This is how Essena let numbers define herself.

I personally, have let numbers define me as well. I have let my grades, and weight define me. This is a horrible thing to admit and I am ashamed of it, but everyone has insecurities, and mine happen to be about numbers. In our school we take tests like every other school does, and many of the students in our school, share their scores when they get the test back. I have noticed that this always will make one student feel more superior than the other. I think we can all agree when I say that, the feeling of being less worthy than others is a horrible feeling. That is why I have stopped sharing my grades with everyone because either way, one of us will feel worse.

Weight is a different story, because no matter how many times I may not say my weight, the other person can say theirs and not know that it is affecting me. When I hear other peoples’ weight, I immediately start questioning my own. “Am I TOO heavy for my age? Is my bmi supposed to be like this?” But now I am starting to realize, everyone is built differently and weight doesn’t define who you are. You could weigh more or less because of muscles or just bone structure. Everyone is different and that is the beautiful thing about life, nobody is exactly the same inside and outside. We are all unique and numbers shouldn’t define ourselves. You are more than a number.




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