Kabira Beach 2K15


Hey! So I haven’t been blogging this week, and that is because I have been at Kabira Beach which is located in Ishigaki, Okinawa in Japan. So I know some people hate these kind of travel diary posts, but some people like them so if you are one of the people who don’t like them, you can just click out of this post. Anyways, lets get started!

As we land with the flight in Okinawa, Lina and I sit beside each other miming to songs and are filled with excitement. We split the families up so we will have space in the Taxi, so Lina, my mom and I go in one. For 50 minutes we sit and talk about all kinds of things, and then we finally arrive at ClubMed Kabira. The staff greet us very nicely on our way in and when we take a seat in the reception, one woman explains everything about ClubMed and we receive a local tea that they have. Since, we arrived at lunch time, we went to the lunch buffet straight away. As I am a very picky eater and pescatarian, it was very difficult for me to find food but everything I found, was delicious.

When we finished eating, we went into our rooms and changed to bathing suits. Lina, her brother (Hampus), and I shared one room. When everyone had changed, we went to the pool and tanned until the trapeze opened. All kids were determined to try it, although it was terrifying. The woman who worked there was Italian, and she helped us feel ready. When I had climbed up to where I was supposed to jump down from, I just stop and couldn’t manage. I was terrified and in the end, the woman climbed up and helped me feel okay about jumping although my heart was beating faster than ever.

At 5 pm, I head to my parents room to take a shower, so I can shower first. Lina and I then get ready together for the night. The dress code was all black, so I just wore a romper from Forever 21. After dinner, the staff had a huge gymnastic show which was so amusing to watch. Then Lina, Ebba, and I went to the afterparty which was awesome because everyone was dancing and jumping. At 11:30, we had to go to our rooms and sleep because everyone was tired.

Second day, and I was already loving it there. I wake up early so I can eat breakfast and still be on time for the yoga that the hotel offers at 9:00 am. It was so refreshing to relax my whole body. After yoga, Ebba, Lina and I played squash and went to the gym a bit. I then went to the pool and did some water gym until lunch time. After lunch we hung out by the bar and ate a lot of shaved ice. Haha, it was so delicious, we couldn’t help ourselves. We then went to our rooms and got ready for the nights dinner which had the dress code of blue or red. The show was about hot against cold so the dress codes always relate to the show. After the show, the staff and audience danced to one of the Kabira songs they have. Lina and Ebba didn’t really want to dance so I was the only one going all in for the dance. After the dance, a girl walked up to us and she was so nice. She took us to the afterparty and we introduced ourselves as we danced, her name was Misao. Another girl, Mizuki, then started dancing with us and she was very energetic and fun. After the afterparty, we went and sat in the bar. That is where we talked to two other girls, Saki and Ikeko. We talked together until 12:00 am when we all had to go home. All of the G.O.’s were so nice and caring.

We wake up the next morning, and go to yoga again and then do water gym. At 11, we all went to archery and we hit some arrows. It was actually quite entertaining because I felt like Katniss Everdeen. We then went to the pool and chilled there, and I accidentally fell asleep for thirty minutes. At 4, I went up to my room to get ready and that nights dress code was the numbers 88, and 45. I didn’t have either of those numbers on any of my shirts so I just wore a shirt with the number 62 on it, haha. That night, the show was a music factory which was just music shows from different years. There were only guys performing in that show, and they dressed up as girls. After the show, there was a karaoke, and Ebba and Lina wanted me to sing so I forced Ebba to come along and sing with me. After singing, one of guys who had performed, Moss, walked up to us and we talked for a while. We then went home so we would have energy for the next morning.

Scuba diving at 9:00 am! So exciting! We went on the boat out to a part of the ocean where it was 10 meters deep. Lina and I were in one group and Hampus and Ebba in another. We looked and swam for 30 minutes. It was fascinating how many sea creatures there are. However, when we got back on the boat to go back to the hotel, we were all sea sick. During dinner that night, Moss joined all of us and we talked. It was very fun getting to know him. When it was time for the show, which was Latina Fiesta, we were all in the front row. They danced salsa and much more. The afterparty was entertaining but instead of dancing the whole time, Lina and I went inside to Ebba, and another one of my friends, Emma. Moss then invited us to play a card game with him, which we gladly joined. After playing four rounds, Hampus, Hugo (Ebba’s brother), Mizo (G.O.) and Ally (G.O.) had also joined. We played for a while and had a lot of fun. All the G.O.s then went to practice for the next nights show while Ebba, Lina and I just hung out. Misao then came and talked to us, and we went to play ping pong. I think Ebba and Lina won almost all games. We stopped playing after a while and just talked. We had so much fun! When it was time to go home, we hear something from the bushes and then all parents jump out and we scream because it caught us by surprise. We went to sleep by 1 am.

Today we had no specific plans so we just stayed by the pool the whole morning. At lunch, we ate with Misao and then Moss joined us. We talked for a bit and Moss invited us to an animation dinner and tour of the backstage area. When we finished eating, Lina, Ebba and I go into the theatre and one G.O. asks us for a favor and I of course say yes and that is when he asked us if we wanted to be in the fashion show that night. We became very excited and went to the hotel boutique with him to chose the clothes for the show. We decided what to wear and rehearsed for the show. At 6, we met everyone for the animation dinner and ate with them. It was pretty cool. At 8:00, we had a really quick run through of the show and we met all the girls in the changing room. It was scary to know everyone was looking at us when we walk out on the stage but still exciting. After the show, there was a small halloween show outside which we watched. After the show, we take some pictures with the characters in the show, and then we talked to Ally. Ally and Misao talked to us for a while and we discussed all kinds of things since it was our last night. We talked to ally until 12:30 am about, and we really learned a lot of things about her.

The next morning was filled with sadness because of our departure. I had such an amazing time with everyone there and all G.O.s were so polite and fun. It was the perfect getaway, from all my stress. I already miss it and it has only been a day. When I become older, I wish to work in a community like ClubMed; getting to know new people, having fun, and performing. I feel like it would suit me very well and everyone said it was great working there. All in all, the trip was amazing and so was everyone who contributed to my memories there:-)




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