Apologies and School

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So sorry for not posting frequently but I have had a lot of summatives recently, but I promise I will start getting better at it again. Today I had a huge math test so yesterday, I went to Tully’s to study with a friend and I also took some notes on my science papers. I think its a great thing to do when you have to focus outside of your house. I think its good to distance yourself from all your stuff in your room and youtube so instead you go to a quiet place. I will probably continue doing this because it really did help me focus on my work.

Anyways, I just wanted to post something because I really have become busy so I don’t blog as much. I also don’t have a lot of post ideas, so if you want to see something please tell me, or comment.




4 thoughts on “Apologies and School

  1. Hi Gry!
    I love your blog! One thing I really is interested to see is how you spice up your room for fall, and what does your fashion look like in fall!
    – Love u

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