Small Shopping Day



Sport pants- $14.90

Socks- $7.90

Black Comb- $1.90

Foot Care- $1.90

Tights- $9.90


Sweater- $24.90

So today Jiwoo and I went shopping in a big city near where we live. We went into the stores we usually go into such as, H&M, Bershka and Forever 21. There are three more things that I bought, but they are birthday gifts for my two brothers, Patrik and Pontus, and Pontus’s girlfriend, Chiara. All of their birthdays are in October but since I live so far from them I have to buy the gifts for them now so my mom can take them with her when she goes to Italy soon. Obviously, since the other stuff that I bought are presents, and the people who they are for read my blog, I can’t show it on here.

As for the other pictures, Jiwoo and I took a parikura and we saw some guy who everyone was taking pictures of and fan-girled over so we assumed he was famous. We did what anyone else would do after that, take pictures of him and say we met a celebrity. Haha… Yeah that’s our life… We ate lunch at a place called dessert bar and I wouldn’t call our ‘lunch’ a lunch since it was shaved ice with some flavoring and cookies or fruits. However, it was filling…

After shopping, I went to the gym for an hour and then went swimming. It was quite nice to have a plan set for gymming. Many people see going to the gym as a boring thing but I honestly think it’s really fun and refreshing. I plan everything around going to the gym because I will not skip it. Anyways, hope you enjoyed your day! Bye!


2 thoughts on “Small Shopping Day

  1. Hey can you do a gym routine/ schedule where you talk about what you do and for how long or how many?? love this btw xx


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