Ebba’s Birthday Dinner

IMG_2841 IMG_2857 IMG_2860 IMG_2862 IMG_2960 IMG_2965 IMG_2863 IMG_2855

So this Saturday, was Ebbas birthday celebration although her birthday was in August. Anyways, so after volleyball Ebba and I started to get things ready for her dinner. When all of the guests arrived we took some selfies and then started eating our dinner which was a pasta sallad. Ebba also prepared some activities for us all to do which I would definitely recommend for those of you who are having a get-together with some of your closest friends. We started the dinner off by flipping over our name cards place cards where Ebba had written a task for each one of us to do through out the dinner and in the end we guess what each others tasks where. After dinner we went inside to have a candy tasting competition, and a trivia about Ebba. Both of those competitions were won by my team;-P Then we had some delicious dessert which was a Swedish brownie. Almost by the end of the dinner, we took out my camera and took some pictures of each of us with Ebba which are presented above. I think the pictures turned out pretty good and I really like the white background and flash. All in all, I think that the whole dinner was just wonderful and I think it was super fun!:-)


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