Exercise Back On Track

Today I finally got back on track with my exercise. I think it’s easier to exercise in Japan since I have a gym in the same building I live in. Anyways, so today I woke up at 9:00 and got ready to go to the gym at 10:00. I started by running about 2 km on the treadmill. Then I did 10×3 on different machinery. When I was just about done on the machinery, I went to do some stretching with Ebba. This also involved hard core exercises such as push-ups and other work outs to exercise your core. In the end we were both tired but we felt like running a little more so we ran a few laps on the treadmill and then headed off to the pool. When we were at the pull we lifted ourselves up by the edge 30 times and did sit-ups against the edge. I think pool exercises are great because you don’t actually realize you are exercising and in the end we got to go in the jacuzzi as a reward. We finished our exercises at 12:00 and headed off to our own families to be with them. 

When I got back at 4:30, Ebba and I had dance to go to in the building and that continued until 6:00 so that was very exhausting as well considering the heat and lack of air conditioning. I really think that it is nice to exercise and even more so if I have a friend with me. I feel like I’m getting back on track with my exercising and tomorrow I’m starting with my everyday work out again. Also on Tuesdays and Thursday’s I have both volleyball for two hours and then dance for one. Finally, on Saturday I have a volleyball game at another school and the dance performance. Overall, I feel great and I hope I will keep my exercising consistent. 

Shop my gym clothes-

Shorts- Forever 21

Shirt #1- Corre la Vita (running for charity in Florence)

Shirt #2- Italy’s school tournament shirt

Shoes- Nike


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