Punta Ala and Mallorca 2K15

Punta Ala

As most of you know, I said that I wouldn’t post as much during the summer considering that I also have a lack of internet access, and I guess a lack of time to write… People who know me personally will know that I have been to Italy to visit my brother. However, what some people don’t know that three of the days when my family was in Florence, my friend Maria Sole and her family were nice enough to offer to let me stay at their beach house in Punta Ala in Italy for three days. Therefore I took the chance and I experienced a lot new things and you would never believe how amazing it was there! The weather was basically burning me alive, and my face and shoulders get burned easily so thats what happened after just an hour of swimming in the water.

I love sun tanning and swimming but I realized that I shouldn’t go overboard because I never look good with a red nose… But I guess I can deal with it. I couldn’t wait until I show off my tan at the beach in Sweden! Although in Punta Ala, we did a lot of swimming instead:-) I am kind of a fish when it comes to water, I guess I love swimming but only sometimes. I have to be in the perfect mood to swim. I know it sound ridiculous but thats the way my head works.

When I was in Punta Ala with Maria Sole she introduced me to her Italian friend Enrica who was very nice. We all hung out together for the three days that I was there. I think that it was super fun, and we took some pictures. The last day we all went on a banana boat and it was one of the most fun things ever. I was scared at first but then all my fear went away and I just enjoyed every second of it! We all fell of four times but by the end we all knew a trick to stay on.

At four o’clock I had a driver come and pick me up from the beach and take me back to Florence. When I got to Florence I showered and got ready for a family dinner. This was the first family dinner we had with all kids gathered in a long time. It was really fun and I think that my brother and I really caught up with each others lives. I have to admit that I really missed him and his girlfriend.IMG_2082IMG_2079IMG_2085 IMG_2086 IMG_2097 IMG_2112

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I left early in the morning to go to the airport to take my friends dad’s private jet to Mallorca. For me this was such an adventure and privilege. I imagined practicing for when I become famous;P I kept on feeling like a Kardashian so what better way to show it than to take selfies… I guess I am obsessed with selfies… In total we were 7 people going on the plane. Alex, Elvis, Silvia, Maria, Anders, Christian and I. Since the company was great, the plane ride was great although I did loose my phone in the seat and it almost broke, but it’s common for me to do something clumsy so I’m not surprised.

When we arrived, we stayed by the pool for the rest of the day and got really tan. I think I got very burned on my nose, even more than before. The sun in Mallorca is amazing. I think that I already got some color after the first day.

When it was time for dinner everyone showered and changed and went to the a restaurant nearby. Since I have become pescetarian (vegetarian but eats fish and seafood), I had the fried prawns which were just so amazing! I think I love seafood so much that I am considering marrying it. Most of the others ate pig and they said it was great. I wish I could’ve tried it but I’m really going to stick to my diet because I really do feel bad for the animals.

The next day we went to the Puerto de Soller which is a beautiful beach nearby the house we were staying at. We swam a bit and sun bathed and then for dinner we went home to this Swedish family. The strange thing was that the oldest Swedish boy lives in the same area as me in Stockholm and we have some friends in common. I thought this was so random and a fun thing that I met someone in Mallorca who has the same friend as I do.

We got home at about 12:00 and then we went to sleep and got ready for the next day which was Alex’s birthday which was very fun. We went to the beach again and rented a small paddling boat with a slide. We swam and I got a tan. I think that this was such an amazing day and we got home and got ready for dinner. The dinner was Alex’s birthday dinner so we dressed nicely and went to the restaurant. There was a lot of people and I talked to most of the kids and got to know the Swedes better. I think that Alex enjoyed his birthday and now he is 13 as well.

We went to beaches or the pool everyday in Mallorca and I honestly loved it so much. I got home today and you wouldn’t believe how much I miss it already! It doesn’t feel real that I was there and now I’m gone. I think that this is the highlight of my whole summer and now I am tan enough to brag about my tan to my family;P Now its raining here in Sweden and I still have to get my head into reality because I feel like my mind is drifting away to Mallorca again. Anyways, sorry for not posting so much but I just felt like you needed an update of my vacation.IMG_2141 IMG_2158 IMG_2175 IMG_2224 IMG_2229 IMG_2236

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